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  2. Warm your belly with Cambridge’s hearty vegetarian dishes
Warm Your Belly with Cambridge's Hearty Vegetarian Dishes

Warm your belly with Cambridge’s hearty vegetarian dishes

Winter is fast approaching, which means it's time for big hearty meals to keep you warm and full. Whether you're a vegetarian or just enjoy veggie dishes, there are many great vegetarian meals out there to satisfy your stomach and keep the chill away. Let's explore the best vegetarian dishes in Cambridge to warm you up this winter.

1. Cocum Vegetable Platter

This Vegetable Platter from Cocum is every veggie lover's dream. It is a generous meze selection of lots of yummy vegetables and comes with a selection of homemade, specially prepared chutneys to dip your veggies in to give them even more flavour. They serve as the perfect starter before tucking into any of their delicious vegetable curries, and you can be sure when you finish this meal your stomach will be very happy. The reason why we like this option is because we tend to not find it easy to make up our minds when faced with the selection of starters Cocum serves, which include aubergine pori and koonu fry. This way, we can taste most of them!

2. Vegetable Tempura

Thai food is some of the tastiest food around. Yes, we do love our pad thai and crispy noodles, but we also adore the Vegetable Tempura served at Luk Thai at The Cricketeers. It is the perfect starter for any of their dishes: a range of vegetables served in a light crispy tempura batter and accompanied with a sweet chilli sauce which adds the perfect amount of flavour.

3. Ponir Tikka Masala

It's no secret that Indian food is some of the best, and this Ponir Tikka Masala at Prana is one of the tastiest vegetarian dishes on the menu. It is a grilled cheese dish cooked in a delicious masala sauce to really give it that Indian flavour explosion! Each bite tastes better than the last, and although it is the vegetarian alternative to the Chicken Tikka Masala, we'll argue it tastes even better. We know quite a few meat lovers who'll swear by it too!

4. The Jack

A good tasty burger will never steer you wrong, and just because you're going for the veggie option doesn't mean you're missing out. Butch Annie's has a great vegetarian burger menu with lots of options to choose from. Try out The Jack, for instance. It's a vegetable patty served with lettuce, tomato, fried onions, Monterey Jack cheese, their own Jack Daniel's sticky Bourbon sauce, and mayonnaise to top it all off. Get your hands dirty with this giant of a veggie burger which puts all other burgers to shame.

Vegetarian options don't need to be boring, and anyone who says otherwise is missing out big time. Get your hands on any of these tasty veggie treats this winter to warm your heart and fill your stomach.

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