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The Healthiest Takeaway Options in London

The absolute healthiest takeaway options in London

Sometimes it can be a challenge to stay healthy, as there are so many delicious foods out there that aren't necessarily good for us and we all indulge from time to time. When it comes to takeaways, we have to admit that once upon a time, it wasn't as easy to find a healthy meal.

Luckily, in the last few years we've been seeing more and more healthy options pop up, and we're happy that Deliveroo has also helped get those healthy meals straight to your door by allowing you to order from the best restaurants in town. Read on to find the healthiest takeaway options in London, from sushi to salad, so you can keep your diet on track.

1. BabaBoom

Healthy and filling, Bababoo is a charcoal kebab kitchen, a stylish and eclectic restaurant serving Middle-Eastern cuisine made with British ingredients. The portion sizes are very generous so you won't be hungry soon after, and the food is anything but greasy so you won't have that bloated feeling afterwards. We recommend the Saffron and Orange Chicken Shish, one of their most popular dishes, consisting of wonderfully tender chicken thigh, chargrilled red pepper, homemade pickled chilli and yoghurt and topped with spicy harissa sauces. You can choose whether it is served on a grilled flatbread or fattoush salad - either way, it is a delicious and wholesome meal.

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Where: BabaBoom, Clapham Junction, London

2. Farmstand

The founder of Farmstand comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has taken his home-grown farm food over to London. They pride themselves on healthy, high-quality produce which aims to reduce carbon footprint and promote a healthy lifestyle. The menu is packed with healthy goodies, and you can pick and choose each ingredient that goes into your meal with the Build Your Own Box option. You choose from one main ingredients of chicken, beef, lamb, fish or vegan supplements, and add any two sides to go with it. This way, you decide exactly how healthy you want your meal to be and taste some wonderful organic produce.

Where:Farmstand, Covent Garden, London

3. Vital Ingredient

The owner of Vital Ingredient, Alex Heynes, aims to serve good, honest and healthy food at low prices. They use good, organic produce throughout all of their restaurants and lets you choose what goes into your meal. For when you want to grab and go, we recommend you choose the Omega Bomb, a healthy salad packed with vitamins consisting of roast salmon, edamame, green beans, cucumber, herbs and chilli flakes which add a spicy, flavoursome injection into your lunch break. Wash it all down with one of their fresh juices or raw smoothies for a clean refreshment.

Where:Vital Ingredient, Cullum Street, London

4. Vita Mojo

Vita Mojo is another healthy and organic restaurant specialising in bespoke salad meals for their customers. Choose exactly how you would like to customise your meal with only good ingredients that will keep you on that healthy lifestyle. Try out their Atlantic Salmon Salad, made with crispy grilled salmon, kale, polenta, quinoa and pomegranate salad topped with spicy Thai sauce to add a nice zing to your lunch. Ordering any of these salads will make your lunch the envy of the office!

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Where:Vita Mojo, Spitalfields, London

Who says that eating healthy should be boring? These places prove that eating clean is full of tasty treats that your body will thank you for, so get that order in with Deliveroo!

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