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Brighton's Top Japanese Fish Dishes

Get Some Fish In Your Dish: It's Tasty and Healthy

Fish is a healthy source of protein, and it's low in calories and fats, too. The fats it does contain are the good ones, so you don't have to worry about eating as much of it as you like. It also contains Omega 3, which we're told is very good for you indeed. Lots of people order fish curries, with the Indian Aagrah curry being especially popular, but sometimes you want something a tad less heavy.

Japanese takeaway is particularly good for having a diverse range of fish in loads of its dishes. Here are some of the best options in Brighton.

1. Moshimo: Trafalgar Sushi Box

This place is amazing, and you really can have it all. Japanese tapas means you can choose lots of small dishes, and combine all the things you want from Moshimo most. Too many things to choose from? We get it. They've got pre-prepared sushi boxes as well (which are equally fresh), and it takes the hassle out of those big decisions as well. Our fave is without a doubt the Trafalgar Sushi Box. It contains salmon, sea bass and octopus nigiri, as well as crab-based treats and even salmon sashimi. Honestly, you can't go wrong.

2. Namul: Teriyaki Eel Bento

Traditional bento boxes from Namul are a big hit, but possibly none more so than Teriyaki Eel Bento. It's absolutely delicious, comprising of eel steak on white rice with a side salad. Scared to try eel? Don't be. It tastes very sweet, and the texture is surprisingly more firm than salmon - it's not at all slimy.

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3. Oki Nami: Large Tuna & Salmon Sashimi

You can't beat fresh fish, and Oki Nami knows this only too well. They raise the stakes with their Tuna & Salmon Sashimi, using only the highest grade fish, so that it can be enjoyed raw, as per the delicacy. It's served alongside wasabi, soy, and pickled ginger.

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4. Sunoso: Salmon Teriyaki Don

Sunoso is known for its Teriyaki Don options on the menu; in fact, this proves one of their most popular dishes, time and time again. You can actually choose what you want on top (from meat, vegetables, and fish), but we reckon you'll go crazy for the whole thing topped with salmon.

5. Shogun Ramen: Unagi Don

Everybody loves ramen, but you'd love Unagi Don if you gave it a chance, too. Eel is back on the menu again at Shogun Ramen, and it works really well in this dish. Eel is a very absorbent fish, meaning it takes in flavouring especially well. It's served with white rice, ginger and sesame seeds, to really add something special.

You may claim you're not hungry, but that sounds a little fishy to us! Don't worry, we won't tell if you want to treat yourself to something from Deliveroo.

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