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Top Healthy food in Manchester

Healthy Food? That's Right Good Here In Manchester!

Manchester is something of a foodie hub these days, and you can basically get anything you fancy, any time of day. But when you're trying to be healthy, either because you're watching your weight, trying to make gains, or simply just concerned about what you're putting in your body, the temptation can be all too real.

Thankfully, we've moved on a long way from takeaway meaning only one or two things. It's time to change those perceptions and realise that, yes, it is possible for a treat meal to not end up as a cheat meal.

Greek food is actually some of the healthiest out there, which shouldn't really come as a surprise. Living on a Mediterranean diet, the Greeks are known for salads, fresh fishes, and lean meat, with greens and healthy oils aplenty!

Of course, that's not the only cuisine that you can make lean. Choose the right things and most foods from around the world can be low in calories and good for you all round. Here are a few picks in Manchester to make you feel good tonight!

1. Katsouris: Mezze

Katsouris has plenty of different kinds of foods that, at first glance, wouldn't look super healthy, but you know why? It's because the Greeks get it - it's all about a balanced diet. Containing everyone's fave ingredients, halloumi cheese, greek salad, hummus, Mediterranean veggies and much more, this is a feast extravaganza (so you might want to share). With so many amazing Greek dishes out there, we can't really blame anyone who finds it impossible to narrow it down to just one!

2. Papu's Place: Papu's Clean Eat Plate

The clean eating trend doesn't often translate to a lot of restaurants, but luckily, Papu's Place really gets it. Their Clean Eat Plate does exactly what it says on the label; it offers you the chance to indulge in clean eating while not having to bother with any of the prep yourself. You'll enjoy the flavours of veggies, chicken, cashew, and feta, all finished in a light but intricate dressing.

3. Pho Manchester: Pho Chay

Vietnamese food is one of the biggest food crazes of the year but this is a culture who've always known how to make tasty food which won't expand your waistline too much. Pho is almost like a soup; ingredients are cooked in a broth that's usually a little spicy. There's something for everyone at Pho Manchester but we especially love that a lot of their dishes can be made vegetarian or even vegan. If you order Pho Chay and ask for the vegetable broth, this tofu and mushroom special is completely vegan and cruelty-free.

4. Oke Poke: Classic Ahi Bowl

Don't be fooled by the cute name: Oke Poke mean business when it comes to delicious, feelgood food for body and soul. The Classic Ahi bowl contains fresh ingredients including tuna, carrots, wakame, and spring onion, in addition to sushi rice. It's got plenty of nutrients, meaning that it's a wholesome way to get full, without loading up on empty calories. And, although it's got plenty of rice, you won't feel as though you've been carb loading.

Just because you're having takeaway cravings, you don't need to break that diet. You can order healthy food anywhere - to home, your desk, or even to your gym on Deliveroo.

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