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Try The UK’s 5 Healthiest Curry Dishes

Kick-start Your Appetite With Any Of These Healthy Curry Dishes

A healthy delicious curry is an amazing way to warm up this January and stay healthy after any holiday celebration. These spiced and incredibly riveting dishes originating from India to Thailand are prepared and served fresh right here in the UK. Chock-full of highly beneficial and nutritious ingredients, these meals are perfectly suited to keep you on your feet and get your year started off on the right foot!

1. Tarka Daal

Tamatanga is an exquisite Indian restaurant in Nottingham, famous for their "quick curries". Delicious and healthy curries are prepared with authentic Indian recipes and ingredients filled with flavour and nutritional benefits to give you that healthy boost after a long day. The Tarka Daal is a classic dish enjoyed in all traditional Indian homes. This simple yet deeply satisfying curry rich in zesty spices consists of yellow lentils slowly cooked with cumin and garlic, both known for their wide variety of health benefits such as improved digestion and cold fighting properties, to create a base bursting with indulgent flavours and enticing aromas. A healthy choice of curry, the Tarka Daal is a fantastic addition to any Indian feast.

2. Vegetable Green Curry

Producing delightful classic Thai dishes, Thai Brasserie serves a vast assortment of absolutely riveting curries of every kind. Their Specials menu, highly recommended by locals, features the Vegetable Green Curry which is among their most popular curry known for its nutritional value. Delicious green curry paste is blended with fresh green chillies and cooked in a base of smooth coconut milk seasoned with sweet basil and lime leaves. Packed with aubergine for the ultimate immunity boost, the vegetable green curry makes for a healthy curry any day of the week!

3. Karaikudi Kozhi Kozhambu

Voted as the best curry house in 2013, Purple Poppadom excels in serving overwhelmingly delicious curries. Voted among favourite restaurants by world-famous chefs and food critics, Purple Poppadom continues to live up to its fame with a variety of creative and unique dishes like the Karaikudi Kozhi Kozhambu. This enticing dish consists of succulent boneless chicken thigh cooked to perfection with coconut and poppy seeds and garnished with kalpasi and maratti mokku - authentic Indian spices from the North and Southern regions of India. Purple Poppadom is known for their astounding Indian curries flowing with nutrition and flavourful spices. The Karaikudi Kozhi Kozhambu is a dish you absolutely have to try the next time you feel a curry craving coming on!

4. Katra Gohbi Mutter

4500 Miles From Delhi is an exciting Indian restaurant bringing the bustling tastes and aromas of India to Oxford. Serving exceptionally authentic dishes from the streets of Delhi, everything at 4500 Miles From Delhi is a must-try. The Katra Gohbi Mutter is a health-packed vegetarian curry boasting fresh, crunchy stir-fried cauliflower, which is thought to fight inflammation and improve digestion, delightfully seasoned with invigorating ginger for the ultimate kick. An excellent choice anytime, the healthy Katra Gohbi Mutter is filled to the brim with nourishing and enriching ingredients to produce a fantastic vegetarian favourite.

5. Dal Makhani

Living up to its name by serving alluring vegetarian dishes from India, Indian Temptation is every curry-lovers' food paradise. Each dish is cooked to suit your craving for a delicious veggie-fuelled feast, with their menu entirely consisting of vegetarian dishes. The Dal Makhani is a gluten-free black lentil dish slowly cooked overnight on charcoal to produce a crisp and uniquely flavoured speciality straight from the street of India. Traditionally prepared with red beans, butter and cream, it makes for a savoury and up-lifting healthy dish.

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