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Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 8 Breakfasts You'll Love

Healthy breakfast ideas: 8 brekkies to make your day

What's your favourite breakfast? Is it a perfectly poached egg on toast? Or maybe an avocado on anything?

Whatever your go-to, there's just no better way to start the day than with a knock-out brekkie. But while we know that breakfast is the most important meal that we'll eat all day, all too often, it's the one we miss out on in favour of extra duvet time.

So here are eight reasons to get excited about breakfast again. We've rounded up healthy breakfast dishes from across the UK to inspire you to try something new, and bounce out of bed in the morning – and all breakfasts are available on Deliveroo.

Plus, if you love a lazy Sunday brunch in bed, see our pick of the best brunches for every mood.

1. Organic Baked Eggs with Salmon, Le Pain Quotidien

Baked eggs are one of the most versatile, healthy and Instagram-friendly breakfasts out there. Make like Le Pain Quotidien and have yours with smoked salmon, dill and lemon.

Where: Le Pain Quotidien, various locations

2. Buckwheat and Chia Pancakes, Redemption

Opting for pancakes with wholegrain flours (like buckwheat) means you'll get more fibre than from your usual lemon-and-sugar stack, and a slower release of energy to keep you going right through until lunch time. Redemption's kiwi, berry and banana topping makes these pancakes easy on the eye, too!

Where: Redemption, London

3. Avocado and Salsa on Toast, Pinkmans

A little spoon of salsa and a sprinkling of watercress instantly upgrades your avocado on toast, as Pinkmans well knows. Alternatively try it with chilli jam or, for spice fans, a fresh red chilli.

Where: Pinkmans, Bristol

4. Chia Seed and Almond Milk Porridge, Cojean (vegan)

Your porridge needn't resemble something out of Oliver Twist. Throwing blueberries and seeds into the mix is guaranteed to up your porridge game, as Cojean's pretty pots prove. And they're made with almond milk – perfect for those who are sensitive to dairy.

Where: Cojean, London

5. Super Brek smoothie, Vital Ingredient

Smoothies are the ultimate on-the-go breakfast, and ideal for those who can't face food first thing. Vital Ingredient's aptly named Super Brek smoothie contains a power mix of "superfood" chia seeds, dried goji berries and barley flakes, plus melon, pomegranate and blueberries.

Where: Vital Ingredient, various locations

6. Protein Waffles with Zero Yoghurt, Kettlebell Kitchen

Looks way too indulgent to be healthy, right? Well, Manchester's Kettlebell Kitchen packs the protein into their waffles, and drizzles with low-fat yoghurt, honey and fruit for a healthier sugar hit.

Where: Kettlebell Kitchen, Manchester

7. Kale and Sweet Potato and Tofu Hash (vegan), Ethos

There is such a thing as a healthy hash breakfast. Ethos sautés their sweet potato and kale hash in coconut oil with organic scrambled tofu, turmeric and spices – and the results are insane.

Where: Ethos, London

8. Morning Glory Yoghurt Pot, Pure (gluten-free)

Granola and yoghurt is a match made in heaven, as Pure can testify. Their gluten-free Morning Glory pot mixes probiotic Greek-style yoghurt with a seasonal compote of rhubarb, apple, berries and mixed spice. It's the ultimate breakfast al desko.

Where: Pure, various locations

Feeling inspired to order a healthy breakfast? Find baked eggs, avocado, yoghurt pots and more on Deliveroo now.

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