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4 Healthier Desserts With Fruit

Be A Sweetie, Bring Us Some Fruity Desserts!

When it gets to the end of a meal, it can be so hard to say no to dessert. When you're on a health kick, missing out on dessert can be a bit of a nightmare - at least it is to us. What if there was a way you could enjoy a sweet treat - either to wash your meal down or on its own - that wouldn't cost you the (calorific) earth?

Thankfully, there is. Plenty of desserts contain fruit, which makes them healthier than most, at least in our book! They may still have a few calories, but look at it this way - they contain at least one of your five a day. Dessert takeaways from Nottingham to London make them all that more accessible these days, so no worries if you forgot to grab one at the shop.

You know what? You deserve a dessert. It's the best part of a meal, after all. Give into temptation every once in a while, and treat yourself with these healthier dessert options.

1. Heavenly Desserts - I'll Have What She's Having

At Heavenly Desserts, they're all about that dessert life and we love them for it. We'll have what you're having, if you're having the 'I'll Have What She's Having'! These delicious American waffles are served with Madagascan vanilla gelato, more than a few swirls of chocolate sauce and that all-important fruity addition; some fresh strawberries!


2. Hooters - Key Lime Pie

If you're more of a fan of the flavour of tropical fruits, why not try a key lime pie? Started off with a buttery biscuit base, a creamy, cheesecake like layer of lime filling is then topped off with mounds of whipped cream. Decadent and zesty, this dessert was thought to originate in the Florida Keys, where the limes are grown and is a household favourite at the iconic restaurant, Hooters.

3. Vita Mojo - Raspberry White Chocolate Organic Brownie Bites

Healthy yet somehow still super-rich and uncompromising in flavour. That's what Vita Mojo is famous for and it's easy to see why. These brownie bites are to die for and yet they're practically guilt-free. All of the ingredients are completely organic and the mix is no secret - brown rice flour, unrefined brown sugar, eggs and butter make up the bones of this sweet dish with the addition of Belgian white and dark chocolate is added in. Finished up with rose salt (and of course, raspberries), this is the flavour sensation you've been looking for in London and you won't be able to resist. Oh yeah, and these brownie bites are also gluten-free. All the more for everyone!

4. My Old Dutch - Butterscotch Pancakes (Chocolate and Banana)

Sweet pancakes from My Old Dutch may well be a little bit naughty (well, they are dusted with icing sugar), but that's okay because you're getting your healthy nutrients from the banana and chocolate that this choice comes with, too. As if all that wasn't enough, you even get a generous helping of whipped cream. Look, we said healthier - we never once said COMPLETELY healthy!

Takeaway isn't just for main courses and starters, just like dessert isn't just for unhealthy treats. No matter what you're craving, make your choice right here on Deliveroo!

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