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4 Seedy Dishes for Your Daily Dose Of Nutrition In London

Find Your Daily Dose Of Supplemental Seeds In London

Nothing is more important than keeping yourself healthy, refreshed and focused throughout the day in order to stay productive and always on the ball! It's time to check out some of the best power-boosting dishes and drinks decked with a variety of energy-enhancing seeds and grains available to order right here in London.

Our guide will take you through some healthy favourites to enjoy in the morning, featuring ingredients that naturally improve cognitive function guaranteed to have you alert, focused and improve your memory whilst keeping you motivated throughout your day.

1. Organic Matcha Cashew Drink

Starting off with Daylesford's terrific English deli-style foods, the Organic Matcha Cashew Drink is an absolutely riveting experience in itself. Cashews, vanilla, honey, Himalayan salt and finely ground green tea leaves - also known as matcha - are blended and cold pressed into one sensational plant-based drink - minus the chemical additives or unnatural ingredients, of course. A perfect example of a creamy and delectable drink that not only encompasses health benefits but tastes great too! The Organic Matcha Cashew is a fantastic way to start every morning, with just one glass providing every metabolism boosting and mood enhancing nutrient needed to start your day off right!

2. Rawnola

Farmacy, apart from having an absolutely perfect name, offer up incredibly clean, nourishing dishes overflowing with vitamins, proteins and nutrients galore! The Rawnola is a magical bowl of dreamy buckwheat granola served with fresh organic fruits including strawberries, blueberries, red berries and more simmered in their very own homemade tigernut milk, a fantastic non-dairy alternative perfect for the vegans out there! Loaded with flavour, fresh tastes and supplemental nutrition, Rawnola is a magnificent bowl to enjoy for breakfast.

3. Bronx Brunch Highline

Serving up signature dishes and drinks from New York to New Orleans and everything in between, Moose Breakfast and Brunch brings you healthy ingredients with a passion for American cuisine. The Bronx Brunch Highline is an exquisite dish ready to refuel you for the day ahead and even helps boost your detox regimen. Featuring homemade potato hash filled with a selection of artichokes, cherry tomatoes, crunchy peppers, fresh jalapenos, wilted spinach and hearty beetroot, this is an over-the-top dish, to say the least! A rainbow of colour and taste, the Bronx Brunch Highline is every breakfast-lover's perfect choice!

4. Avocado Toast

No list of nutritious meals is complete without the mention of the viral modern favourite: the Avocado Toast. Le Pain Quotidien puts an exquisite Belgian twist on this trending dish that makes it absolutely irresistible! Indulgently buttery avocados are slathered over warm slices of toast and sprinkled with citrus, cumin and super-seeds like hemp, flax and wheat. Olive oil, lemon juice and a dash of salt complete this breakfast masterpiece. Avocado Toast pretty much has everything your body needs and serves as the perfect snack at any time of the day.

For those fantastic seeded delights ready to deliver nutrient-packed, delicious goodness for your body and taste buds, check out Deliveroo today!

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