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5 Best Hangover Breakfasts For Christmas Party Season

5 hangover breakfasts for the Christmas party season

It happens every Christmas party. The free bar euphoria takes hold, you have one bottle of red too many, pass out in your party gear and wake up with a red face, a throat like Dot Cotton's ashtray and a very, very sore head.

There's only one thing for it - a breakfast even dirtier than the night before. Luckily we're now delivering breakfast in Central London, so stick that Christmas onesie on, get back into bed and get greedy with one (or more) of these…

1. Melt Room - The Full Works Melt


Cheese for breakfast, we hear you say? Well, yes, this hangover NEEDS IT. The Full Works Melt from Melt Room ticks all of the essential brekkie-stodge boxes, with scrambled eggs, old spot patty, cheddar and smoked bacon, toasted up in sourdough bread. Bye-bye sore head, hello happy tummy...

2. The Diner - Breakfast Burger

Those American dudes at The Diner provide one of the filthiest hangover breakfasts in town. Meet their Breakfast Burger - a juicy pork patty loaded up with streaky bacon, US cheese, caramelised onions, eggs and the Diner's signature burger sauce, all tucked up snug in a sesame bun. Wash it down with some of their fresh OJ and y'all be ready for round two before you know it.

3. Princi - Princi Breakfast

DeliverooSome of the very best in hangover-curing foods come out of Italy (pizza, pasta, parmesan, need we go on?!) and this Italian breakfast from Alan Yau's brainchild, Princi, sure soaks up last night's booze and then some. Feast on a Mediterranean meat-fest of napoli sausage and pancetta, layered on scrambled eggs, cannellini beans, roasted tomato and sourdough toast.

4. Hummingbird Bakery - Cupcake Selection

Is sugar your hangover remedy? Well, hum a Christmas ditty for the Hummingbird Bakery. Opt for the Party Selection Box for Red Velvet, Black Bottom, Vanilla, Chocolate and Carrot Cake cupcakes and you'll be bouncing back out of bed in no time. Just don't blame us if you crash again later…

5. The Good Life Eatery - So Fresh and So Clean

OK, so sometimes you have one of those hangovers where all you wanna do is eat your way back to wholesomeness. Feel human again thanks to the aptly-titled 'So Fresh and So Clean' from The Good Life Eatery - a cleansing combination of poached eggs, red and white quinoa, kale, sweet potato, omega seeds and spinach cashew cream. And it's gluten-free, obvs.

Craving a hangover-busting breakfast? Whether you're feeling naughty or need something healthy to get you bouncing back, find your breakfast-in-bed option on Deliveroo now.

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