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  2. Here's Where to Find Halal Treats in Glasgow
Here's Where to Find Halal Treats in Glasgow

Here's Where to Find Halal Treats in Glasgow

Everyone deserves to enjoy a good treat meal. Glasgow has some absolutely incredible restaurants catering to a wide range of tastes, but all dietary needs deserve to be catered to when it comes to the basics (like pizza, of course). Eating out should never be a problem, no matter your cultural background, which is why we've searched high and low to find you some places you'll love.

Here are two of the best halal meal places in the city, whether you fancy a night out or eating in.

1. Byblos Cafe

If you fancy making it a bit of an occasion, this place offers Middle Eastern authentic cuisine, which comes in the form of an impressive array of food. Everything is halal at Byblos Cafe, and they like to get creative with their dishes, so this is really an exciting place to be. Lebanese influences dominate, but you've got everything from wraps through to meats, soups and salads and even kids' meals, so even the fussiest members of the family won't go hungry.

Of course, if it's pizza you want, it's pizza you've got. Each pizza is halal, so you've got a few different choices to help stop those cravings. The Chicken Shawarma is especially good; offering a lovely fusion between Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

When you're finished, you should really order a dessert. They have a great range, and you deserve it. And, in true Scottish style, no matter what you choose, you can wash it all down with a can of Irn Bru!

2. Tony Macaroni

Priding themselves on offering "an authentic slice of Italy", this high-class joint, Toni Macaroni, offers pizzas that you won't soon be forgetting in a hurry. While they're not entirely halal, their chicken is halal certified, meaning that you're able to enjoy it problem-free. They've got some delicious vegetarian options, too, so you won't be going hungry.

They've well and truly made a name for themselves across Scotland, but you can sample their delicious offerings right here in Glasgow. That means you'll be spoilt for choice. If pizza is on your mind, don't forget - their entire chicken selection is halal friendly, meaning that Muslim families can enjoy the delicious flavours of Italy without having to limit their choice. Will you choose Verde, a chicken and spinach option? Or perhaps you'll want to spice things up with Pollo Picante - that's chicken with fresh chillies. Either way, the possibilities are endless, and they all taste equally good!

This is a really fancy place to go for a celebration meal, knowing that you'll be in good hands, but if you prefer to hang out at home, that's easily done, too.

There are plenty of delicious options on Deliveroo to suit every taste and need, so if you're in search of a slice or two of halal pizza, or perhaps something else to treat yourself, look no further!

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