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The Absolute Best Halal Grills and Dishes in Birmingham

The absolute best halal grills and dishes in Birmingham

For a hearty, traditionally cooked meal which will leave you feeling full and satisfied, there's nothing better than heading to a grill restaurant and filling up on some good food.

Here, we'll be looking at some of the best halal-friendly grills throughout Birmingham and our dish recommendations for each one. They're all available to enjoy at home or in the office too (or anywhere else you'd like) on Deliveroo.

1. Colbeh

Located in Ladywood on Hagley Road, you'll find the charming eatery Colbeh. Here, they serve traditional Persian dishes which are bursting with flavour and an impressive array of meats to choose from. Whether this is your first foray into Persian cuisine or you're a seasoned patron of these dishes, we suggest you go for the Joojeh dish from off-the-grill. This meal consists of chicken skewers seasoned with saffron and served with delicious grilled vegetables and a choice of saffron rice, salad or chips. All of their meals are very reasonably priced and provide great value for money, as each dish is huge, so huge in fact that you may even need some help to finish it off!

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Where: Colbeh Persian Kitchen, Hagley Road, Ladywood, Birmingham.

2. Gateway to India

Found right in the city centre is Gateway to India, where you'll find some of the best Indian food Birmingham has to offer. They specialise in Indian street food with exotic flavours which will truly tantalise your taste buds. The menu is so extensive that it can be very difficult to choose your meal, so let us help you out. We recommend you try the Viceroy Mixed Grill, a dish bursting at the seams with tender and succulent meats, including succulent chicken tikka, tandoori chicken wings, and tender lamb kebab, served on a bed of sautéed herbed onions and fresh coriander. This dish will take your mouth on a flavour adventure and you'll certainly be back again to sample more from the menu.

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Where: Gateway to India, Regency Wharf, Birmingham.

3. Syriana

For a taste of authentic Syrian and Lebanese cuisine, head on over to Syriana which can be found right in the city centre. The décor truly radiates the Middle-Eastern atmosphere and the food is no exception. The menu is saturated with options which serve the traditional hot and cold mezze starters as well as a huge range of mains and delicious desserts. We recommend trying the Farrouj Meshwi mixed grill dish, which is a simple yet delectable dish of chargrilled baby chicken served with garlic sauce and grilled vegetables. This tasty dish is perfect for anyone dipping their toes into Middle-Eastern cuisine and a great way to open up yourself to a world of new flavours.

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Where: Syriana, Constitution Hill, Birmingham.

4. Panchuli

Found in Solihull, Panchuli is a fine-dining Indian restaurant which offers an elegant and high-class experience to its guests without the expensive price tag. They serve a great range of dishes to suit any taste or appetite. The usual dish to opt for in an Indian restaurant is a curry, but here you should switch it up and try out the Tandoori Mix Grill instead. This dish is reminiscent of a tandoori curry but is most certainly a mixed grill treat, with tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb chop, lamb tikka sheesh kebab and tandoori king prawn, all served with a plain naan. You'll be mopping up every last bite from the plate and wishing for more if only you weren't so full!

Where: Panchuli, Solihull, Birmingham.

5. Damascena

When you hear that Damascena is a coffee house, you wouldn't expect it to serve authentic Syrian dishes, but it is truly one of the best places to find Middle-Eastern cuisine in Birmingham. The building alone is enough to inspire gasps of awe as it is located in the historic Cathedral of St Philip's. The food does not let the place down either, as it serves a range of dishes from small snacks to gut-busting meals. Go for the Lamb Shawarma, a wrap packed with marinated strips of lamb, gherkins and homemade garlic dressing. It is the perfect delicious lunch option to keep you fuelled for the day, and for less than a fiver, you really have no excuse not to get it!

Where: Damascena, Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham.


There you have it, the five best places to grab a mixed grill delight in Birmingham. Get a big party together and order these dishes, you'll probably need help with the huge portion sizes!

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