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  2. The Top Three Halal Burger Bites in London
The Top Three Halal Burger Bites in London

The Top Three Halal Burger Bites in London

London is full of amazing places to eat, and when it comes to halal food there is no exception. We all love a good burger, and maybe you're coming to visit on holiday, or just want to expand your horizons on where you can get your next burger fix. Well, look no further, as we take a look at some of the best halal burger hotspots in London.

1. Tex Ann

For a perfectly cooked gourmet burger, The Tex Ann is just what you need. Made with 100% fresh halal beef and served with fresh salad, in-house mayo and brioche buns, their burgers are bursting with flavour. They use a Mmibrasa charcoal oven to prepare their burgers rather than a grill to give each patty an authentic barbecue flavour experience without losing any of the juiciness. Try out the Tex Ann burger which comes in three patty sizes, 3oz, 6oz and 10oz to suit any appetite. This burger packs a real punch; it comes served with generous helpings of relish, original mayonnaise, tomatoes, dill pickle, lettuce, onions and cheddar cheese, so you won't be left feeling hungry! Tex Ann also makes the most incredible milkshakes ranging from vanilla to salted caramel which are good enough to satisfy any sweet tooth out there!

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Where: Tex Ann, Station Road, Harrow, London.

2. Burger UK

Burger UK uses only free-range, grass-fed and locally-sourced meats for their burgers which are all halal-friendly and totally tasty. The menu is simple with only three burger types to choose from, the beef burger, the deep-fried chicken burger, and the veggie or vegan burger. The beef burger ranges between 6oz, 8oz and 10oz sizes, whereas the other burgers come in one regular size. That's not to say they are small burgers by any means - each burger is chock full of ingredients and they do not disappoint. Try the deep-fried chicken burger which uses thick, tender and juicy chicken fillets served between soft seeded buns and the optional topping of gooey American cheese (which we would recommend!) Add a side of seasoned fries for that extra little blast of flavour to really round off the meal!

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Where: Burger UK, Ferdinand Street, Camden, London.

3. MEATliquor

For the hipsters out there who like a quirky atmosphere and ironic menu items, look no further, as MEATliquor is here for you. This place is heralded around London as a millennial paradise which serves great food at reasonable prices. Start your meal off with the Braai Wings – South-African style fried chicken wings which are chargrilled and rubbed with spices to get your taste buds excited for more. The Dead Hippie burger is perfect if you're feeling especially hungry or just need that meaty fix, as it comes packed with not one, but two mustard-fried patties, "dead hippy" sauce, cheese and gherkins for a simple yet utterly satisfying burger. Pair this with the hippy fries, which consists of fries, caramelised onions and "hippy" sauce, and you really can't go wrong.

Where: MEATliquor, Welbeck Street, Marylebone, London.

So, the next time you're craving a well-cooked, juicy, halal-friendly burger, these places have got your back. Grab some pals and go find some burgers!

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