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Greek Mezzes That’ll Keep You Warm in Edinburgh

Greek mezzes that’ll keep you warm in Edinburgh

Winter is especially cold this time around, so it's time to keep ourselves well-fed, warm and energised with some of the hottest Greek mezzes in town! Traditional and tantalising spreads of both hot tapas-style nibbles are always an exciting way to begin a well-deserved meal. Grilled halloumi, moussaka, and more make a whole world of savoury fun before your big meal ahead. Be sure to check out some of Greece's finest starters around Edinburgh to keep yourself steamy this winter!

1. Grilled Feta in Foil, Ola Kala

Ola Kala brings fabulous dishes from Greece to the heart of Edinburgh with their exciting foil-grilled meals and classic Souvlakis to make you feel like you've just embarked on a summer trip to Greece! The grilled feta is a terrific starter to get you going with this creamy and flavourful cheese topped with fresh slices of tomato and garnished with flakes of paprika, adding an extra kick of flavour along with a sprinkle of oregano and Greek olive oil. Perfectly bundled together in a foil parcel and grilled directly over charcoal makes this cheesy appetiser unlike any other.

2. Moussaka Mezze, My Big Fat Greek Kitchen

My Big Fat Greek Kitchen offers up fresh and healthy mezzes as well as other deliciously enticing Greek dishes with the added bonus of beer! A must-try is the Moussaka Mezze, minced steak with tasteful potatoes and classically grilled aubergine all drowned in a light and creamy Béchamel sauce. This ultimate Greek favourite is baked together for an infusion of flavours loved and enjoyed by everyone! For a real Greek-style appetite boost, try out this Moussaka mezze and you won't be disappointed!

3. Grilled Halloumi, Zuhus

Whipping up hand-grilled riveting Peri-Peri/Greek fusion is none other than Zuhus. Presenting some of the spiciest and succulent chicken in town with a beautiful blend of Greek and South African fusion, they marinate their chicken in a family recipe of peri-peri sauce, and every grilled chicken meal turns out juicy and simply out of this world. A chargrilled halloumi at Zuhus makes a perfect partner to their sinfully delicious chicken: slices of halloumi cheese are put on skewers with fresh courgettes and peppers and then grilled to perfection. This heart-warming starter provides a burst of colour and smoky flavour, making it the ultimate accompaniment to any fantastic meal at Zuhus.

4. Tiropita Pies, Mr Nick's Greek Kitchen

Mr Nick keeps things traditional with the Greek classics like tasty baklava, healthy salads and lovable Greek gyros. Opting for a simple and deliciously delightful approach, Mr Nick's Greek Kitchen presents must-have dishes like their Chicken Souvlaki that pairs beautifully with any of their variety of mezze selections. The Tiropita pies are freshly baked Mezze pastries stuffed with Greek cheeses for a light and doughy well-rounded appetizer. A delicately simple yet tasty option, Tiropitas are a great way to peak your appetite before diving into any of their truly authentic Greek-style meals. Packed with flavour and served fresh out of the oven, these tasty morsels are a great addition to any dish on a cold winter day!

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