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  2. Greek grilled goodness in the heart of Leeds!
Try the Best Greek Grilled Goodness in the Heart of Leeds!

Greek grilled goodness in the heart of Leeds!

Nothing makes a Sunday afternoon more complete than a piping hot grill bursting with the wholesome flavours of Greek cuisine. If you can't help but agree, it's time to immerse yourself in the many Greek restaurants around town that serve absolutely divine grilled dishes, delicious sauces, scrumptious sides and much more. We've put together a list of some of Leeds' best Greek-style grilled dishes perfect for any time of the day!

1.  Mixed Souvlaki - The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree is an authentic Greek restaurant that focuses on bringing traditional dishes from the homeland to hungry diners in Leeds. Cooking up fantastic freshly made rissoles, mezzes, seafood dishes, and much more, they guarantee every bite will take your taste buds on a journey throughout the wonderful world of Greek cuisine. The Mixed Souvlaki, a popular dish among regulars, features two tender marinated skewers of lamb and chicken grilled to perfection over a charcoal flame and accompanied by a side of rice. Add on a selection of the Olive Tree's wonderful variety of classic Greek dips for an all-around unforgettable and healthy meal that will have you scanning the menu for seconds!

2. Greek Sausage - Mad Greek

Grilling up home favourites with authentic spices and herbs has everyone in Leeds mad with flavour at the Mad Greek! The Greek Sausage is another form of the beloved souvlaki where pork sausages are flavoured with orange peels, spices, and dried Greek herbs before hitting the grill for a smokey taste guaranteed to knock your socks off! Every dish is served with freshly made traditional pitta bread and a slice of fresh lemon as well as their very own homemade Greek dip for a cool refreshing finish. A fantastic dish recommended for any time of the day, be sure to check out the Greek sausage the next time you feel that tummy rumble!

3. Cajun Halloumi Burgers - The Alchemist

An exciting fusion of Greek and Cajun kebab-style takeaway thrives at The Alchemist. Known for international plates including their variety of house burgers, crispy appetizers like duck springs rolls, and more, The Alchemist adds their very own professional touch to every dish. For all you fast food aficionados out there, check out the Cajun Halloumi burgers and keep in line with the Greek theme blended with that Cajun zest. Juicy grilled burgers with hot Cajun spices like cayenne peppers are topped off with a delightfully melty halloumi cheese dressed over a lettuce base, served with fries for a healthy twist to your favourite go-to meal perfect for any occasion.

4. Chicken Souvlaki Wrap - Mad Greek Restaurant

A timeless classic, the Chicken Souvlaki wrap brings us to Mad Greek Restaurant once again! This restaurant just won't quit with their made-to-order and freshly grilled chicken souvlaki. Heavily stuffed into a toasty pitta bread accompanied with lettuce, onions, and diced tomatoes before being drizzled with a homemade sauce and wrapped up in a perfect package, this is the ultimate kebab wrap! A favourite in Greece and all over the world, Chicken Souvlaki Gyros are an absolute must-try if you have yet to experience this mouth-watering wrap!

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