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Home sweet home great restaurants in Holborn

Home sweet home: 7 great restaurants that’ll deliver straight to Holborn

Sometimes, all you need is a night in. And what's a night in without some awesome eats? Whether it's a movie on the sofa, a fancy dinner party or date night, there are loads of restaurants that'll come straight to you in Holborn.

1. Avocado on Toast, Pride Kitchen

The philosophy here is simple: 'to create natural, good looking food that has a big impact on your health and well being'. Just look at their Avocado on Toast. Creamy avocado rests on a throne of lentils and crisp toast, while cherry tomatoes add sweetness and flakes of chilli keep you on your toes.

Where: Pride Kitchen, Covent Garden

2. Dead Hippie, MEATliquor presents MEATmarket

MEATmarket is MEATliquor's boisterous younger brother. With that in mind, go in, all burger guns blazing and tuck into on a Dead Hippie. This cheese-dripping option comes fully laden with a double whammy of beef patties, salad and their trademark Hippie sauce.

Where: MEATliquor presents MEATmarket, Covent Garden

3. Bircher Muesli with Blueberries & Almonds, Coco Di Mama

After a refreshing, breakfast time hit? Grab yourself a Coco Di Mama this morning. The Bircher Muesli is packed full of crunchy, creamy, juicy goodness and is sure to get you powered up through till lunchtime.

Where: Coco Di Mama, various locations

4. Sea Salted Caramel, La Gelatiera

If you prefer something a bit sweeter, La Gelatiera is the place for you. We can't get enough of the Sea Salted Caramel. A gorgeous blend of sumptuous homemade caramel and Maldon salt, this elegant palate blast makes the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up.

Where: La Gelatiera, Covent Garden

5. 7oz Fillet Steak, Cote Brasserie

For a bit of 'ooh la la', head to Cote Brasserie. And if it's indulgence you seek, opt for the 7oz steak fillet. Sat alongside perfect, golden French fries this wonder makes the best end to a long day. You could always add on a bottle of wine if you're feeling extra fancy too…

Where: Cote Brasserie, various locations

6. Sushi Sake, Sushi Hiroba

Check out Sushi Hiroba for all those fresh, light Japanese flavours. There's everything from sushi and tempura to rich, flavourful curry here, so you're sure to find something to love. We love the the two-piece Sake (salmon) Sushi. Add a touch of texture and deeper flavour by selecting the seared option when ordering.

Where: Sushi Hiroba, Holborn

7.  Cheeses 3 Selections, Sibarita

Your go-to Holborn haunt for a classy dinner party snacks is Sibarita. Purveyors of quality, authentic and lip-smacking flavour, you'll find everything from fine wines, delicious cheeses, tart pickles and sourdough here.

Where: Sibarita, Covent Garden

There are loads of awesome restaurants in Holborn ready to make your foodie dreams come true. Explore your options here on Deliveroo.

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