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Great Places For Sweet Goodies In Birmingham

Sugar, spice and all things nice: 4 great places for sweet goodies in Birmingham

Whether you're a loyal fan of a sweet pancake stack for brunch, or you prefer a summery sundae, there's always time in the day for all things sweet. In pursuit of great sugary goodness, we've explored the Birmingham foodie scene, from waffle houses to cake stops, so the next time you need a sugar rush, you know where to place your order…

1. Velvet Desserts

People with a sweet tooth are usually know what they want when it comes to that sugary craving, which is why the team at Velvet Desserts came up with their 'build your own' idea. It's all about DIY here, choose a flavoured waffle or crepe as your base, before adding scoops of ice cream and a drizzling of your favourite syrup. Their most popular option is to get the 'Half & Half Waffle', so you can mix and match even more flavour combinations. How about Ferrero on one side and Malteaser on the other? Or on the other side of the menu, go for a gooey cookie dough topped with ice cream and syrup.

Where: Velvet Desserts, Birmingham City Centre

2. Heavenly Desserts

The team at Heavenly Desserts also love their waffles, sticking to classic recipes that have stood the test of time. Try their cheeky 'I'll Have What She's Having, with a base of either a waffle or crepe, loaded with drizzled milk chocolate, stracciatella gelato, fresh strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream. Their patisserie also bakes lots of cakes every day, from warm sticky toffee pudding to their famous Hot Cookie Dough Creations.

Where: Heavenly Desserts, Ladypool Road

3. Sundaes Gelato

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Next time you crave ice cream, remember that you can't get any better than gelato. Some of the best can be found over at Sundaes Gelato. Cookie Passion, Minty Magic and Banoffee Burst are some of the most popular, but our favourite has to be their Sticky Fudge Brownie sundae. Vanilla, caramel, chocolate and chocolate brownie ice cream is piled high and then topped with freshly whipped cream, chopped nuts, banana, a traditional Florentine wafer and Vivaldi cigar wafer – and don't forget plenty of chocolate sauce too. But if you like to keep your chocolate cravings simple and OTT at the same time, the Chocolate Delight will do the trick nicely.

Where: Sundaes Gelato, Birmingham City Centre

4. Pirlo's Dessert Lounge

Pirlo's Dessert Lounge is perfect for those who have people coming round. Afternoon tea, dinner party, birthdays, you name it, they'll have something for you in their huge range of cakes, puddings and other treats. Their lemon curd cake should keep those who love a citrus burst very happy, but their soft, red velvet cheesecake will go down a storm too. There's even something for vegans – not only do they have a special 'Cake of the Day', but a hugely popular vegan waffle, topped with fresh fruit, sorbet and your choice of vegan syrups.

Where: Pirlo's Dessert Lounge, Digbeth

If your sweet tooth has a huge craving for more dessert menus, explore the sugary options here on Deliveroo. 

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