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Great Places For London Desserts

5 great places in London for dessert delivery

There's always room for dessert, especially with all the awesome places here in our capital serving up dreamy treats.  

From rich cakes to creamy ice cream and hot chocolatey waffles, this London list will set your taste buds alight and offer you a sweet escape from reality.

1. Mile High Chocolate Salted Caramel Slice, Hummingbird Bakery

Soaring sky-high, the authentic mile high chocolate salted caramel slice from American-style bakery Hummingbird Bakery has six stacked layers of rich chocolate sponge, sandwiched with gooey salted caramel. It's smothered in rich chocolate frosting, scattered with crunchy caramel swirls. Yes, this freshly baked sweet treat is as naughty as it sounds – and looks just as impressive.

Where: Hummingbird Bakery, various locations in London

2. DIY S'mores, Scoop

Award-winning Italian gelato and for good reason. But their buzzworthy DIY S'mores dessert is a must-try – here you'll find S'mores made with gooey melted marshmallows, sandwiched between crunchy chocolatey digestive biscuits. Combine your dessert with a creamy scoop of gelato in a range of flavours, including coconut, Oreo and tiramisu to complement this A-list dessert.

Where: Scoop, various locations in London

3. Individual Biskies, Cutter & Squidge

The glorious biskie is a one-of-a-kind Cutter & Squidge own invention. The cake/biscuit/ cookie is filled with buttercream and caramel – a dessert of dreams. Choose from mouth-watering flavours including strawberry Pavlova, crème brulee and Nutella choc chip – and with eight more biskie types, you'll be coming back for more.

Where: Cutter & Squidge, Soho

4. Chocolate Fudge Mess, Creams

For rich American-inspired treats, from sundaes and crepes to Italian gelato, Creams is the place to be. Our favourite dessert from the parlour is the Hot Chocolate Fudge Mess with creamy, melting vanilla ice cream. It's made from a fresh warm waffle, coated with crumbled hot chocolate fudge cake and drizzled with a toffee sauce lattice.

Where: Creams, various locations

5. Ice Cream, Yorica!

Yorica! is the new deliciously natural joint. Vegan treats are where the love is – all the ice cream, frozen yoghurts and everything in-between here are free from wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts.  We recommend the banoffee, gooey vanilla brownie, chocolate and orange ice cream. Plus, there's fruity mango, strawberry and banana too. Eat your heart out without feeling guilty.

Where: Yorica!, Soho

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