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Great Places For Chicken

7 great places for chicken

Fried, grilled, in a burger or on its own, we Brits love a good piece of chicken. So it's lucky that we've got so many awesome places to get the good stuff, right here in the UK. So when the time calls, we've rounded up a few places for you to get your chicken fix.

1. Gochujang Chicken Wings, Jinjuu

We're heading east with our first entry, Jinjuu. Run by celebrity chef, Judy Joo, who claims to serve the best Korean Fried Chicken in town, this central London spot puts chicken at the forefront of the menu; think perfectly fried chicken dripping in tasty gochujang red and jinjuu black soy sauces.

Where: Jinjuu, two locations in London

2. Fried Chicken, Bone Daddies

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Another central London joint serving up top-notch chicken is this place – Bone Daddies. Try their Korean fried chicken wings to start with –they come with an out-of-this-world sweet and sour chilli garlic sauce. And what about a spicy curry ramen made with fried chicken for main? It'd be rude not to.

Where: Bone Daddies, five locations in London

3. Epic 3 Way Chicken, Rub Smokehouse

London has its fair share of top-drawer chicken spots, but let's not forget about other parts of the UK. At Rub Smokehouse you'll find some authentic American-style chicken, and they've even taken the guesswork out of ordering. We love going for the Epic 3 Way Chicken – you get chicken on a Waffle, Sticky BBQ Chicken Skewers and a Half Roast BBQ Chicken – think you can handle it?

Where: Rub Smokehouse, locations in Birmingham, Newcastle and Nottingham

4. Whole Chicken, Chicken Shop

The guys at Chicken Shop in Kentish Town marinate their chicken overnight and then spit-roast it over charcoal, giving it an unforgettable flavour that'll keep you coming back again and again.

Where: Chicken Shop, eleven locations in London

5. Chicken and Waffles, Bird Restaurant

If you're after fried chicken, you've come to the right place. Some of the capital's best wings, burgers and waffles are up for grabs at this chicken-centric spot set up by an ex-banker. What's more, Bird Restaurant proudly uses only free-range chicken in its dishes.

Where: Bird Restaurant, London

6. Plain Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Clutch Chicken

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Clutch Chicken fry everything in groundnut oil, giving their chicken pieces the trans-fat free edge over their competitors. Go for their plain buttermilk fried chicken pieces for a dose of down-home Americana, or their spicy chilli wings if you're feeling adventurous. Where: Clutch Chicken, London

7. Chicken Wings, TGI Fridays

A classic when it comes to chicken. Order the succulent Jack Daniel's sesame chicken wings along with a serious portion of chips and you won't be disappointed. TGI Fridays has a huge kids menu too, so any children have a big choice in front of them as well.

Where: TGI Fridays, various locations

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