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Deliveroo's Italian Date Night at Home in Manchester

Any night can be date night, and you don’t even need a coat

Now the wintry Arctic blasts are with us and we're both getting up and going home in the dark, heading out in the evenings seems like a less appealing prospect.

But don't despair if you think that this spells the end of romance for you until winter is over: there is a solution. Manchester has a positive wealth of Italian restaurants that offer deliveries through Deliveroo so you can put on a high-class, candlelit dinner and barely have to stir from the sofa. So go on, follow our suggestions - or create your own menu -  and prove to your other half that the age of romance is certainly not dead. Get ready for Foodscene's perfect Italian date night at home, complete with our local Manchester picks.

1. Bel Star Prosecco - Gusto

Let's start the evening off with a little drink or two. Gusto will be happy to sort you out with a beautiful bottle of their Bel Star prosecco. Or, if you're really aiming to impress, then why not order a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label instead? Then, to go with the delicious three course meal that's to follow, they also offer a great range of reds or whites including rioja, cabernet sauvignon and pinot grigio too.

2. Feta and Pesto Filo Rolls - The Alchemist

The great advantage of ordering out for your romantic tryst is that you'll be able to enjoy the sorts of dishes that you wouldn't normally have the time or energy to make at home, just as this starter from The Alchemist shows. It's a tantalising fusion of Greek and Italian cuisine consisting of bite-sized finger rolls with layers of flaky filo pastry enclosing a richly savoury mixture of feta cheese and basil pesto. Mediterranean at its best! These crunchy rolls are delicious without being too filling, leaving you ready and eager for the next two courses.

3. Pasta Amatriciana with Pancetta and Cherry Tomatoes - Salvi's

At this point, you could go for the classic steak main course, but why not stick more closely to the Italian theme instead? Salvi's Pasta Amatriciana with Pancetta and Cherry Tomatoes is a traditional pasta dish featuring a rich tomato sauce and simple, quality ingredients that even Jamie Oliver would be proud to serve up on a date night of his own. All it needs to go with it is a simple green salad which you could probably stretch to making for yourself. Don't feel like doing so? We don't blame you. Why not order the classic Caprese Salad from this excellent restaurant instead?

4. Waffle Nutella and Ice Cream - Insolito

And to finish... a deliciously decadent dessert from Insolito. Waffles are drenched in Nutella and served with your choice of ice cream made to the restaurant's special Sicilian recipe. Truly the perfect end to the perfect meal.

Go ahead, concentrate on the romance and let Deliveroo take care of the wining and dining for you.

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