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London’s Gourmet Pizzas To Have A Slice Of

London gourmet pizzas you need to have a slice of

So there's fire, water, earth, air… and dough. We've all had an affair with a Meat Feast in our dodgy younger years, but as we grow up we really want a pizza of substance.

Luckily, London's gourmet pizza scene is hotting up like a wood burning stove. We're not here to swap your salami with artichokes (unless you want us to), just to provide the best, artisanal pizza in the land.

Saporitalia, Notting Hill

Perfecting the basics, Saporitalia elevates its typically Italian recipes to true gourmet level, loading their crispy dough with the best tomato sauce, cheeses and cured meats.


Cacciari's Pizzeria and Restaurant, South Kensington

Cacciari's go seriously upmarket with brie, truffle, bresaola, radicchio and more, making your pizza fest a sophisticated feast. Even if you are watching Love Island.


Mayfair Pizza Co, Central London

Mayfair Pizza Co. is dead classy but perhaps a bit loony in a good way. Get experimental with brunch pizzas including The Full Italian, a meaty carnival creation topped with baked beans, pancetta, black pudding and salami.

But if you don't fancy going left field, there are plenty of twisted classics to tickle your tastebuds. Like the Gourmet pizza. We're talking smoked mozzarella, spicy meatballs, prosciutto… (the upmarket Meat Feast, our younger selves might say).


Village Organic Bakery Pizza, West London

The organic, vegetarian pizza from Village Organic Bakery Pizza truly makes the act of eating a lot of dough a wholesome experience. These dudes really care about the environment and your health, so ingredients are fresh and organic.

They even have a mozzarella-topped pizza on their menu named 'The Healthy'. And who are we to argue? Eat it, it's good for you!

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