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Travel The World With One Of These Fusion Burgers From Coventry

Funky Fusion Food - In a burger?!

These days, we can enjoy all kinds of burgers. The rise in American takeaways has ensured that we always have a steady stream of incredible creations from which to choose. From gourmet brioche burgers to incredible stacked up patties, there's a real trend at the moment for making something bigger and better than whatever's gone before. Fusion burgers are – thankfully – a thing, too. Combining American classics with aspects of our fave cuisines from around the world, they're hitting every single spot that they should.  Here are some of the best in Coventry.

1. Japanese - Beef Burger

How is a beef burger fusion, you ask? Street have the answer that question, in their incredible offering that draws upon ingredients such as lemongrass – prevalent across Thailand and in South East Asian cooking. The burger also features garlic, cheese sauce, paprika spiced beef and bacon, so it's a real taste sensation as well as a complete mix of everything you love. Its not-so-secret ingredient? That would be the umami paste, which hails from Japan and translates literally as "taste".

2. Mexican - Klassy Klassic

The Klassy Klassic by Selminas may just seem like an ordinary patty-in-a-bun affair, but trust: it's no ordinary burger! This Mexican eatery has a love of the classic gourmet beef or chicken burger, but ensures that it's "mexo fried". We're obsessed with how they combine this American favourite with hints of everything that makes Mexican flavouring great – showing that food truly knows no borders!

3. Breakfast - Queens Road Burger

The Queens Road Burger is a brioche burger by Seven17. It doesn't just fuse two different cuisines together – nope, it fuses the day's meals into one! Breakfast, say hello to dinner and lunch, with this absolute beauty. We start off on familiar ground with a beef patty and cheese, but into the mix Seven17 throw superstars we know from breakfast time, like hash browns and fried eggs. There's even bacon on there – because it literally works with anything. This takes all-day breakfast to a whole new level!

4. Latin America - Black Bean & Beetroot Burger

Las Iguanas does Latin American food very well, but that's not all they do! This vegetarian-friendly black bean and beetroot burger has a little bit of a kick to it, blending burgers from the USA and their Southern neighbours incredibly well. Enjoy melted cheese, a tomato and gherkin sauce, along with the delicious veggie patty itself.

5. South Africa - Grilled Chicken Burger

Everyone knows that Nandos does chicken, but did you know that their famous spices are of Afro-Portuguese origin? The grilled chicken burger comes marinated in your choice of sauce, ranging from mild lemon & herb right through to extra hot! There's a real addictive quality to these fusion burgers, which is probably what keeps people coming back for more – and more!

Burgers make for some of the best takeaway options, but so do loads of other cuisines, too. Can't decide? Mix and match with options like this on Deliveroo.

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