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  2. Fancy a funky, fruity, and fun beer? Manchester’s got you covered!
Fancy a funky, fruity beer? Manchester’s got you covered!

Fancy a funky, fruity, and fun beer? Manchester’s got you covered!

There's no denying that there's absolutely nothing wrong with a nice craft pale ale; smooth, refreshing beer for any occasion. But there's so much more out there and, after all those pale pints, there's something oh-so alluring about the wide world of funky, fruit-forward deliciousness sitting pretty behind the bar of some of our favourite establishments.

In recognition of the quirky and eminently sip-able, here's a list of some of our favourite brews available in Manchester, a city brimming with unexpected profiles to take your palette for a ride.

1. Timmermans Kriek Lambicus

This Belgian-style lambic beer comes in at a manageable 4% ABV. The rich cherry juice added at the end of the lambic brewing process gives it a powerfully sweet, fruity nose, but the flavour isn't overwhelmingly sugary. In fact, the end result is a crisply carbonated, refreshing little number, with a surprising amount of tartness that's perfect for a summer afternoon in the beer garden, or a cold night by a roaring fire. The Port Street Beer House has a wide selection of Timmermans' brews that are all worth checking out.

 2. BrewDog 5AM Saint

We've had waves of trendy pale ales, tsunamis of porters and stouts. When are we going to get the Red Beer Revolution? Well, hopefully soon, if BrewDog have anything to say about it. The 5AM Saint is plenty strong, coming in at 5% ABV, but it maintains that smoothness distinctive to a good red. Warm, rounded tones reminiscent of wild berries, biscuit, and caramel cover the tongue, leaving just a hint of lychee, making this a truly sophisticated beer. Even better; it's perfect with a burger.

3. Kona Bigwave Golden Ale

Bursting with tropical hops, this golden ale is a surefire way set your taste buds tingling with fruity notes of pineapple and passionfruit. Bigwave manages to pull off a huge bundle of aromatic fruit flavours without becoming too sweet. It's refreshing and crisp without being too dry and, at an eminently sessionable 4.4% ABV, you can keep knocking them back by the six-pack. Pick up a handful of the little darlings from among a dizzying collection of crafty brews sold by the Epicurean in Didsbury.

4. Magic Rock Salty Kiss

Alright, this last one is a real jazzy little number. The 4.1% ABV Salty Kiss is Magic Rock Brewery's take on a traditional German-style gose. Originally brewed in collaboration with Kissmeyer Beer, it's packed with an intriguing mixture of sea buckthorn, fruits, and sea salt. The end result is tart, fruity, and sharp, with a distinct saltiness that pairs impeccably with lighter dishes. You can pick it up from the Beagle in Manchester, alongside some of their incredible stacked Kimchi Fries.

Ready to take your taste buds for a sip of the fruity side? Don't take our word for it; pick up these mouthwatering beers from Deliveroo today!

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