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  2. Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice! Tasty Mains in Leeds with a fruity twist
4 Savoury Mains With A Fruity Twist In Leeds

Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice! Tasty Mains in Leeds with a fruity twist

When it comes to delicious recipes from around the world, some of the most unique and flavourful dishes are infused with fruits to produce a captivating balance of sweet and savoury. Incredible dishes from Indian, Lebanese, Moroccan and many other cuisines serve up some terrific fruit-fuelled mains sure to perk up your senses. Check out our guide of the best spots in Leeds to enjoy a rainbow of flavours and fill up on all that fruity goodness with these exciting creations!

1. Sucker for rice? Try Kabsa

Starting off with a marvellous spiced rice from the Middle East, Kabsa is the national dish of Saudi Arabia – and for good reason. Basmati rice and succulent chicken come along with traditional Arabian herbs and spices like saffron, cinnamon and bay leaves for a mix of oriental tastes. For the final touch, the dish is topped with fresh coriander and sweet raisins providing an intricate balance of flavours with every bite. This filling meal is typically presented on a large platter, so it's perfect for sharing with family or friends. Beautifully served at AlKhaleej and the perfect option for dinner or tea, enjoy a mix of sweet and spice any day of the week!

2. If you're looking for, say, a casual sandwich...

Freshly prepared on a daily basis, Pret A Manger has gained its popularity serving deliciously healthy sandwiches, soups, salads and much more to help fuel your day and keep you feeling great. The Curried Chickpeas and Mango Chutney Sandwich is colourful, nutritious, fruity and perfect to enjoy on the go. Health-packed granary bread is loaded with curried chickpeas, spring onions, sweet raisins, juicy red peppers, an exquisite Indian mango chutney sauce and topped off with fresh spinach and coriander. Packed with a variety of exotic flavours, this fruit-filled delight is simply a must-try. Make sure to get your hands on this Indian-inspired beauty and treat yourself today.

3. For a fancy night in, go tagine!

A recipe from Morocco that is as fascinating as it is fruity brings us to Oronaise Café. This spot serves up a riveting Sweet Lamb Tagine cooked with orange zest and a mix of fruits. Succulent cuts of lamb are slowly simmered in traditional tagines – ceramic pots used to cook meat – and seasoned with zesty Moroccan herbs and spices. The hypnotic fusion of sweet and salty accents are guaranteed to lift your spirits with each bite – this popular Moroccan dish has everything a fruit-lover is looking for in a great meal!

4. Keep it light and breezy with a satisfying salad

Another extravagant fruit-packed dining experience awaits at Comptoir Libanaise, a superb Lebanese restaurant serving some of the country's most indulgent dishes. The Chicken Sirine Salad is a dish packed to the brim with vivid colours, flavours and healthy ingredients perfectly suited for lunch or dinner. A Lebanese-style chicken breast is spiced just right and grilled over charcoal before being thrown into a salad like no other. Crumbled feta cheese, crisp romaine lettuce, spring onions and cool mint are mixed with bursting vine tomatoes and topped with fresh pomegranate jewels and pumpkin seeds. This refreshing delight is served alongside freshly-baked crispy pita bread, making this a mind-blowing dish for those in need of some fruity fulfilment!

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