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Discover 4 Winter Warmer Vegetable Wraps

Discover Winter Warmer Wraps Packed With Veggie Goodness

If you are looking for a way to keep warm throughout the Winter, you'll no doubt be looking for lunchtime snacks that are nutritious and keep you going throughout the afternoon until your evening meal. We all know that vegan food is making a splash throughout the UK at the moment with vegan and vegetarian takeaways everywhere from Leeds to London.

The public's desire to consume more plant-based products has led to many cafes and restaurants choosing to innovate with veggie-packed wraps that are hearty, delicious and good for you.

1. The Bombay Potato Wrap

Nestled in the heart of Headingley, a suburb of the West Yorkshire city of Leeds, is Whites Café, specialising in wholesome, home-cooked meals that are perfect for breakfast and lunchtime sustenance. Their vegetarian Bombay Potato Wrap really packs a punch. The slow-cooked Bombay-style potatoes are combined with spinach, chickpeas and a cooling tzatziki yoghurt dip for a hugely filling and well-balanced snack. Their Halloumi & Beetroot Salad is also highly recommended, complete with roasted Mediterranean vegetables and a moreish balsamic dressing.

2. The Halloumi & Olive Wrap

Lebanese cuisine is making a real statement in 2018, with its vibrant flavours and healthy cooking methods making it increasingly attractive to those looking to improve their diet. Comptoir Libanais is one of the fastest-growing Lebanese franchises in the UK, with a great range of hot and cold mezze, wraps and grills. Their wraps and flatbreads are particularly yummy, with their Halloumi & Olive Wrap, crammed with baby cucumber, fresh tomatoes and zaatar for an indulgent lunchtime snack that's good to your body.

3. The Pea, Feta & Mint Falafel Wrap

All Bar One's lunchtime menu is served with a choice of salad, fries or a mug of nutritious tomato or vegetable & quinoa soup. Combine this with a wholesome Pea, Feta & Mint Falafel Wrap and you've got a delicious snack that's guaranteed to keep you going for longer throughout the day. The wrap includes an explosion of sweetness thanks to its pomegranate seeds, while the hummus provides a tasty, protein packed base for the homemade falafel, which is similar in many ways to the popular Indian side dish, onion bhaji. Their vegan Rainbow Wrap is also very popular at just 438 calories, with beetroot hummus, marinated artichokes and fresh avocado the headline acts in this delicious snack.

4. The Vegan Hippy Wrap

Lucky Beach café recently secured the best possible rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association - such is their commitment to organic and sustainable cuisine. Lucky Beach is well-known for its local organic burgers but, as we're talking hearty vegetarian snacks, there's none better than the Vegan Hippy Wrap. As you'd expect from its name, it's a quirky snack, filled with fragrant fennel hummus, quinoa, avocado, edamame beans and sweet potato, topped with a fiery chilli sauce. In terms of interesting vegan sides, Lucky Beach does an amazing Korean Cauliflower dish, cooked in coconut tempura and topped with a tangy Korean dressing and sesame seeds.

If you'd like to explore more vegetarian takeaway options with Deliveroo's participating restaurants, check out our full list of available outlets here.

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