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Discover 4 Hearty No-Carb Dishes In London

Carb-Free And Warm - London’s Best Dishes To Keep You Going This Winter

Skip out on any unnecessary carbs this February with some of the tastiest dishes London has to offer! We've selected 4 rich, hearty dishes you may not have thought about until now.

1. Carrot & Cabbage Salad

Start off your New Year diet with a rich, healthy and absolutely delicious carrot and cabbage salad from Hungry Donkey, a restaurant heavily inspired by authentic Greek dishes. Crisp red and white cabbage is shredded with sweet carrots into a nutrition-packed bowl of organic flavours generously dressed in a pomegranate molasses garnish to create a world of taste to this exotic super-salad. A perfect mix of sweet, salty and tart flavours in each bite, the carrot and cabbage salad is a splendid way to spice up your lunch and keep you on your feet with a healthy spring to your step!

2. Turkey and Cranberry (Bun-Less) Burger

Who said you can't be carb-free and still eat juicy, delicious burgers? Feast your eyes on the Turkey and Cranberry Burger from Simple Health Kitchen. Packed with proteins and served without a bun, these burgers make for a perfectly healthy meal. A juicy turkey leg is minced with savoury Cajun spices and topped with sweet, uplifting cranberries. Added to the already healthy dish are exquisite veggies and fresh, crisp greens like lettuce and tomatoes. A fantastic alternative to an otherwise notoriously greasy meal, the Turkey and Cranberry Burger is a dish served hot and guilt-free!

3. Sicilian Chicken

Another riveting dish to dig into without disturbing your diet is the marvellous Sicilian Chicken, served as an absolutely divine dish at Jamie's Italian. Half a free-range, boneless chicken leg is grilled to perfection and served in a mix of hot and spicy aubergines in tomato sauce. A delicious and indulgent Leccino olive sauce is drizzled on top, complementing the dish to create a fusion of carb-free deliciousness. This is a great lunch option for those looking to keep their meals healthy yet full of flavour.

4. Rib Tips with BBQ Sauce

For a messier but equally hearty dish, you can't go wrong with BBQ ribs! Porky's Rib Tips are succulent, thick cuts of barbecued pork ribs that are smoked for hours until the meat is practically dripping off the bone. Porky's Ribs are a fantastic way to get down and messy with some meaty goodness. The Rib Tips are smoked in a classic, savoury BBQ sauce. Hard to believe that a dish this indulgent can find its way into your diet, and although it isn't the most nutrient-packed meal, it is definitely good for a protein kick!

Stay warm in February with these nourishing no-carb dishes which will keep you going strong - with a little help from Deliveroo!

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