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4 Monstrous Meaty South American Dishes To Satisfy In Birmingham

Monstrous Meaty South American Dishes To Satisfy In Birmingham

For those looking to get a real protein boost and dig into your choice of succulent chicken or tender beef, Birmingham is ready to help! Dishes inspired by Mexican and Latin cuisines are bursting with flavours, spices and the finest ingredients sure to have you stocked up on all the protein you'll need to get through the day. Whether you opt for decadent burritos stuffed chock-full of meat, hot and spicy dishes to satisfy any spice lover or go for an exotic twist of your all-time favourite Latin feasts, Birmingham has got you covered! Check out our guide to some of the best South American meals Birmingham have to offer.

1. Homemade Chilli Burrito with Dark Chocolate

Rated among the top 100 restaurants in the city, Bodega's authentic South American dishes are absolutely riveting. The homemade chilli burrito with dark chocolate is an absolutely fantastic blend of eccentric flavours including cumin and paprika, making for the perfect balance. Burritos are still a very hot trend, and this one definitely shows us why. These unique ingredients are combined with rice, black beans, mozzarella cheese, cheddar and a savoury salsa to ensure this burrito is a monster of delectable flavours. This one is an absolute must-try at Bodega if you're looking for something unique and satisfying.

 2. Chicken Tinga Fajita Burrito

Well-known for their bursting burritos, Mission Burrito serves divine and authentic dishes inspired by Mexican recipes and ingredients with delicious twists. Their Fajita Burritos offer a fun mix of sautéed onions and grilled peppers for a twist on the classic wrap. Chicken Tinga is heavily marinated in savoury chipotle sauce, stuffed into toasted flour tortillas and wrapped to encase the fantastic fajita fillings into a burrito oozing with zesty spices to satisfy any Latin craving! The next time you're on the hunt for a monstrous meal, turn your sights to Mission Burrito and prepare to dig in.

 3. It's Chicken but Not as You Know It

Habaneros serves their It's Chicken But Not As You Know It burrito in 12-inch wraps, delivering a mind-blowing and over-the-top Mexican overload of flavours. Juicy shredded chicken breast fillets drenched in a delicious blend of chipotle, cinnamon and allspice for a fragrant, steamy taste. To finish, this intricate filling is wrapped into 12-inch soft flour tortillas with layers of pinto beans, Jack cheese, rice, chipotle slaw, hot habanero sauce and jalapenos for the ultimate fiery meal.

4. Wrapchos​

A very different but equally fantastic dish is the Wrapchos from Wrapchic. This take on a traditional side dish, the Wrapchic consists of classic nachos with a signature touch. Toasty warm corn crisps decked with authentic Mexican sauces and toppings of your choice in addition to spicy jalapenos, refreshing sour cream, mildly spicy salsa and a creamy cheese sauce, delivering a whopper of deliciously crispy flavour-packed nachos. Perfect as a dish to grab any time of the day, check out the Wrapchos on your next visit to Wrapchic and indulge in a true Mexican favourite!

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