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Looking For The Best Vegetarian Burger? Here Are 4 From Stirling

Stacking Up In Stirling – 4 Candidates For The City’s Best Vegetarian Burger

Over the last few years, vegetarian cuisine has become a huge part of the Stirling foodie scene with the introduction of eateries such as Dr Noodles, Nawab and, arguably the most veggie-friendly place, Monterey Jack's. Of course, this isn't just happening in Stirling, as there are now establishments all over the UK that deal in vegetarian cuisine, whether it's delicious veggie curries or re-imagined formerly-meaty meals like Mexican burritos or American-inspired burgers. Today, we're dealing with the latter as Stirling is arguably home to the best vegetarian burger and we've found four candidates that would even tempt the most carnivorous carnivores.

1. Veggie Deluxe

While not all of Monterey Jacks' burgers are made using their namesake cheese, the Veggie Deluxe absolutely is and even mixes it with spicy tomato salsa ensuring that the burger is packed full of flavour. This tasty combination is nestled within two fresh brioche buns and garnished with crisp iceberg lettuce, ensuring that veggies don't have to miss out on that classic burger design that makes them one of the most popular meal choices in the UK.

2. Purple Rain

For anyone who is looking to be a bit more adventurous, this burger served with the restaurant's classic house sauce has everything you could wish for. Instead of a simple cheese and tomato recipe, which is all well and good but can get a bit boring, the Purple Rain burger patty is made up of goat's cheese and beetroot salsa. These two ingredients feature in plenty of dishes from a variety of different cuisines from around the world, so making it into a burger patty is simple yet genius and, of course, seriously yummy.

3. Life's A Breeze

We did tell you that not all of Monterey Jacks' burgers are made with famous Monterey Jacks cheese, did we not? The Life's A Breeze burger certainly isn't, as it would be far too heavy for such a whimsically named meal. Instead, this patty is made using brie cheese and French onion marmalade, another classic combination that never falls to get taste buds tingling and mouths watering. Pair this dish up with some of the restaurant's Love Shack sweet potato fries and you've got one epically good meal in front of you.

4. Veggie Mounty

Now, just because vegetarians don't eat meat doesn't mean they don't want an absolutely massive, slightly mental meal that would make even the most avid meat eaters back down. In no other meal is this more evident than Monterey Jacks' Veggie Mounty, an absolutely insane burger comprised of Monterey Jack cheese paired with pretzels (yes, pretzels) and maple. Somehow, they get all this to fit inside a brioche bun and surprisingly enough, it offers a really great, innovative taste that we bet most people would love.

There you have it: four veggie burgers that are more than just lettuce packed between two bun slices. In fact, we bet anyone would love all of these burgers regardless of whether they choose to eat meat or not.

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