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If Chilli Is What You Look for in a Burger, Edinburgh’s Your City!

If You Want An Awesome Chilli Burger, Edinburgh’s Really On Fire Right Now

Some like it hot and others like a positive inferno when it comes to spiciness on their burgers. If you're the sort of person who likes to have the fire brigade on standby when you order in American then have we got some great choices for you with the fieriest kinds of burger Edinburgh has to offer.

1. Bruce Lee Burger - TGI Fridays Edinburgh

Like a karate chop to the taste buds, the Bruce Lee Burger from TGI Fridays just keeps on coming at you. It's a fantastic fusion of East and West leaving you stuck in the middle to savour the flavours as they battle it out. With spicy Asian slaw, crispy noodles, sliced chillies, toasted sesame seeds and chilli mayo there's certainly a lot going on. But it's the scorpion hot sauce that really has a sting in its tail. Work your way through this one without breaking out in a sweat and you really can claim to have a black belt in the art of burger eating.

2. Firecracker - Burger

They must have really felt the heat when they came up with the Firecracker at Burger. It's also living proof that the spiciest burgers don't always have to feature beef. This little beauty has a marinated, fried chicken thigh with your choice of Red Leicester or Stilton cheese. There's also a smoky chipotle slaw to deliver a low level of heat plus Frank's Red Hot sauce to turn up the volume to 11. Then there's pickled gherkin, beef tomato and ranch sauce all in a toasted brioche. So when it comes to bringing burgers and your taste buds to life, they've really cracked it.

3. Big Jamaican - Belted Burgers

Let's go totally tropical with our final offering from Belted Burgers. As cool as reggae and as hot as the Jamaican sun, it features the inevitable spicy jerk sauce with chipotle relish, sweet mango and grilled pineapple. The incredible mix of flavours and textures has to be experienced to be believed. And, while it may not be the absolute hottest burger in our selection, it sure does pack quite a punch.

It's time to turn up the heat with the next big and meaty burger you enjoy. Just leave it to Deliveroo!

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