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The Very Best Ramen In London - They’re Certain to Bowl You Over

We’ve roamed the streets to find the best ramen in London for you

There's something uniquely satisfying about a big bowl of ramen noodles and uniquely warming too. That's why they're such a big favourite for a quick lunch or to grab on the go and there are plenty of Japanese restaurants in London where you can order them. But we want to bring you the very best ramen there are, so we've looked long and hard to find these five fantastic versions of the old favourite. We hope you like devouring them as much as we enjoyed discovering them.

1. Abura Soba - Koi Ramen Bar

Traditionally ramen come in a warm broth, perfect if you want some real comfort food on a winter's day. But they're also far more versatile than that so they taste just as great when they come minus the broth. This is beautifully demonstrated down at Koi Ramen where their Abura Soba started as a summer special but is now a permanent fixture on the menu. The noodles are in a rich soya sauce with bean shoots, spring onions and shallots along with marinated and shredded belly pork. It's perfection in a bowl.

2. Tonkotsu Ramen - Shoryu Go

Order in from Shoryu Go and you'll find that you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to their Tonkotsu Ramen. If you like to keep things simple there's their signature style with just fried shallots but if you want a richer and thicker broth, complete with an egg in it, then the Kotteri Hakata version could be the one. Or you could take your taste-buds to the limit with the Piri Piri style that has the spicy addition of jalapenos and gochujang sauce made to their own secret recipe. The options are endless.

3. Curried Pumpkin and Spiced Corn Ramen - Tonkotsu

There's still a nip in the air so for days when you need a winter warmer this offering from Tonkotsu fits the bill perfectly. With pumpkin and squash and just a hint of Japanese curry seasoning, its flavours are deep and varied. Padron peppers add some heat and spiced corn tops it all off along with some crunchy pumpkin seeds.

4. Grilled Duck Ramen - Wagamama

There's a whole lot that goes into Wagamama's Grilled Duck Ramen – so you'll get a whole lot out of it! The shredded duck leg is delicately dressed in a zesty ponzu sauce and there are chilli, pea shoots and coriander too. The noodles themselves are served in a light vegetable broth that really lets all the other flavours come through to make every mouthful a taste sensation.

Taste any of these and you'll soon be raving about ramen too. So just let Deliveroo bring them to your door.

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