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These 4 Mixtures Might Be the Best Milkshakes Ever

You deserve the best milkshakes and we think we’ve found them

In the UK we love desserts, from Edinburgh to Southampton and from Manchester to Hull. There's not a single cake we won't savour, a crepe we won't relish or even a cronut we won't try. So, when milkshake desserts first started becoming more popular, it was no surprise that cafés and restaurants began to create their own recipes and throw in all sorts of ingredients. Here, we've found just four of the best milkshakes out there for you to order yourself.

1. Chocolate Caramel

For some of the biggest milkshakes you've ever seen, try all-American restaurant Maxwell's Bar & Grill, where you can get behemoth burgers, huge hot dogs or wicked wings before indulging in one of their many milkshakes. The Thickshakes and Freakshakes are so delicious that we think they're some of the best milkshakes in London. There's plenty to choose from when it comes to recipes and toppers, so you can really go crazy. We recommend the Freakshake from Mars, which comes with a tower of blended caramel and chocolate ice creams, whipped cream, caramel sauce and bits of Mars bar. Make sure you have a napkin at hand when you try this bad boy!

2. Marshmallow Surprise

At Wafflemeister things are equally as crazy, though this Brighton-based eatery is definitely more obsessed with waffles. But, alongside their various American and Belgian waffle-based dishes ranging from savoury breakfast recipes all the way to delicious dinnertime desserts, there are almost a dozen milkshakes. You've got regular vanilla and strawberry milkshakes if you like to keep it simple, but for those looking for a more extravagant sweet treat, there are the Thick Shakes. You can go for Coffee or Cream & Cookies, but we really think the Marshmallows Surprise is the one to savour. It features vanilla ice cream blended with marshmallows and topped with whipped cream, Belgian chocolate and sprinkles. What more could you possibly want?

3. White Chocolate

If you usually opt for a chocolate bar or a bag of sweeties after your takeaway, then Sblended Milkshakes will change your life. While other milkshakes use simple powders and ice cream, these are made using your favourite sweets. From Aero Mint to Terrys Chocolate Orange, they'll put anything in a milkshake – there's even a Jammie Dodger one! It's hard to pick just one, but the Death by White Chocolate "Kingston Moosive" is any white chocolate fan's absolute dream. Milky Bars, White Buttons and White Kinder Bueno all go into this gigantic shake before it's topped off with whipped cream and yet more buttons. You get why they call it that now, right?

4. Cake

Like our last entry, Shake-It Milkshake Bar in Leeds likes to put anything they can into their milkshakes. That said, they are a little different. You see, at this dessert parlour they don't just go for chocolate bars and other confectionery - oh no! They bake cakes to put in their milkshakes. That's right, actual cake milkshakes. You can choose from three different sizes ranging from small to large: have your cake and drink it too!

For even more creative dessert milkshake ideas, head to Deliveroo to see what's being whipped up near you.

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