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Why Not Hook Yourself One of These Fantastic Fish Tacos?

Take A Different Look At These Tacos With Fish As The Star

Whether you like your tacos to come crispy or soft, there's no doubt they're a firm Mexican favourite. They usually also come heavily loaded with meat or veggie treats, but we're suggesting something different today – fish!

It might not be the first ingredient you think of when it comes to choosing from your favourite Mexican takeaways, but maybe it should be. Try any of these beauties and you'll see that seafood is definitely the way to go for a fresh taste in tacos. And remember to treat yourself to a green salad on the side to turn it into an even more healthy treat.

1. Bajo Fish Taco - Mole Taco Bar

Our first stop is the Mole Taco Bar, where there's a treat in store for you in the form of their Bajo Fish Taco. Hold it to your ear and you can practically hear the waves crashing on the shore.

Then, pop it in your mouth and wait for the taste sensation to break over you. There's the meaty freshness of the prime cod fillet that's been fried to a crisp in the light tempura batter. Then there's the warming kick of the chipotle mayo and the jalapeno slaw that help to create a taco that's positively zinging with the spirit of the ocean.

2. Tacos Mazatlan - Cantina Laredo

At Cantina Laredo, they take considerable pride in having a more sophisticated approach to Mexican cuisine. Don't you know it when you get your hands on their Tacos Mazatlan! It's a heady mix of the plumpest tiger prawns with bacon all in a corn tortilla. Everyone likes a little heat in their Mexican so poblano and guajillo salsa are also invited to join the party.

Still not quite sophisticated enough for you fish fans? Then you could also check out their sea bass ceviche – another favourite from south of the border and pretty popular around here too!

3. Fish Finger Wrap - Leon

Hands up if one of your favourite guilty pleasures is a good old fish finger sandwich. You know the form – sliced white bread and lashings of ketchup. Well, here's a far more virtuous way to indulge yourself, courtesy of Leon, purveyors of London fast food with a difference. For a start, these aren't your common garden variety fish fingers. They're home-made from cod that comes from sustainable shoals. Then they're coated in breadcrumbs, deep fried and served with pickles and lettuce in a soft wrap. To cap it all, they even add their own tartare sauce. Now that's an aristocrat among fish finger sarnies!

4. Asparagus and Smoked Salmon - Fiesta Mexicana

Talking about aristocratic fish wraps and tacos, this version from Fiesta Mexicana must surely rank as royalty. It's served in the traditional way – two crispy taco shells heavily loaded with pico de gallo, jalapeno peppers and cheese along with fresh mixed leaves and sour cream. Then they go and crown it with grilled asparagus wrapped in the finest smoked salmon, all drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. It looks beautiful, it smells out of this world. And, we're pleased to tell you, it tastes even better still.

Fancy a fish taco too? Then just leave it to Deliveroo.

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