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  2. American Takeaways in Bristol: Party In The USA!
American Takeaways in Bristol: Party In The USA!

American Takeaways in Bristol: Party In The USA!

Bristol has American takeaways all over the city, and it's welcome news for those who need their fix of the cuisine, without having to jump ship (or hop on a plane) every time they fancy it, to the USA.

Sure, it may not be the best bet for dieters, but you have to treat yourself every once in a while, and indulge yourself on delicious meats, cheeses and other tasty treats.

Don't feel guilty, you're not alone. Science says so (okay, actually just your fellow diners). But gourmet burgers (arguably THE American staple) sold best out of everything on Deliveroo in 2016, so we reckon everyone else is as hooked as you.

So, we know about burgers. What else could you get?

1. MeatLiquor: Deep Fried Mac & Cheese

It's Mac & Cheese. And it's deep fried. Have you died and gone to heaven? Possibly, actually, because we can't imagine it looking that much unlike this. As if it wasn't enough to enjoy macaroni oozing with cheese, you can now have it deep fried at MeatLiquor, as well. On second thoughts, this is definitely the devil. But sometimes it's not so bad being naughty!

2. Oowee Diner: Cluckin' Fries

Fries? Check. Gravy? Check. Grilled cheese? Check. Chicken... cluck! These fries are the dirtiest fries imaginable, in the very, very best way. They've got all the things you need when you're really craving something that's got a bit of carbs, a bit of meat, and a bit of cheese. There's a little bit of all your fave comfort foods here at Oowee Diner!

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3. Atomic Burger: Trailer Park Fries

Americans are obsessed with pulled pork if their menus are anything to go by, but we aren't complaining - how could we? Pulled pork, BBQ sauce, American-style cheese sauce are all poured over your order of fries, and it's all finished up with some nice, crispy onions. What can you honestly say is wrong at Atomic Burger? We dare you to find fault (you won't).

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4. TGI Fridays: The Ultimate Jack Daniels Double Glazed Ribs

These guys are like the grandfathers of bringing American cuisine to our shores, and there's a reason they're still alive and kicking! Their signature Jack Daniels sauce is absolutely incomparable to anything else that you may have had before, that's for sure. You've got that sweet JD glaze which has the perfect amount of bourbon flavour - just a hint, to make it special. TGI Friday's, please keep doing whatever it is that you're doing!

Thankfully, you don't need to go all the way to America to get any of these dishes. Honestly, you don't even need to leave your house! You can order all of these treats now on Deliveroo.

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