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How to watch the football at home

Why your house is the new (and improved) pub...

Watching your favourite sport at the pub can become an art form in itself. There are those who think nothing of pitching up three hours before kick off to get a good seat or an elusive table. Some of us don't mind Peter Crouch's long lost brother standing right in our eyeline, and some of us don't mind spending the guts of the second half waiting for warm pints.

But, for some of us, it's just not worth it. If you've ever thought that a match is too short for all of that hassle, then don't worry – you're not alone, and we're here to make the case for watching from home.

Getting your seat...

Fighting over the prime screen seats can get a bit like The Battle of the Bastards, and that crush is fun for no one. By contrast, your couch is your castle – and the Iron Throne is reserved just for you.

Getting a drink…

That death stare isn't helping you make friends with the barman… and he's ignored you again. Good job. Take him out of the equation, and you can put the fridge right next to the couch if you want. Who's going to stop you?

Uninvited analysis…

We've all taken an ear bashing from that guy who wants you to know how "every single bet" came through on his fifteen-fold accumulator "except for this one". Your living room, thankfully, is invite only.

How's the view up there?

You got there early, got the perfect spot, but now there's a gigantor standing right in your eyeline. The layout in your place has your signature design flair, plus you can always save the best seat for yourself.

Most importantly, guarantee the taste of victory…

No need to peck at a bag of crisps like a murder of crows, if you're at home there's a culinary world right at your fingertips.

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