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Opening Day: 5 Best Football-Watching Foods

Opening day: 5 best football-watching foods

There are 380 games ahead of us, everyone's fantasy football teams are in and for the next few hours at least – anyone can win it. Feast on the opening day of football with our five top food picks…



Perfect when you're on the edge of your seat. Can be eaten with one hand, can be held with none. Just remember the onions when you're celebrating everywhere.



Keep a calm atmosphere between rival fans with a pizza peace offering. Slices make for easy sharing, and you can use the box as a barrier in the event of crowd trouble.


What goes better with football than a beer and a curry? As a bonus – a peshwari naan makes for a warm, tasty pillow to bury your face in when you concede that 89th minute winner.

Chicken wings 


The ultimate finger food, plus they provide a handy plateful of bones to throw at the TV once it's obvious that your big summer signing isn't all he was cracked up to be.



Tasty and sugary, featuring a perfect peep hole for more tense moments.

Then get ready to do it all again tomorrow, and next week, and the next week, and…

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