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  2. Celebrate Veganuary In London With These Riveting Vegan Friendly Dishes!
Celebrate Veganuary In London With These Riveting Vegan Dishes!

Celebrate Veganuary In London With These Riveting Vegan Friendly Dishes!

After every New Year's bash, or any equally momentous celebration for that matter, we find ourselves craving a monstrously satisfying meal to delve into that will help us recover, detox and get us back on our feet. In celebration of Veganuary, we've put together a guide to some of the tastiest and most nutritious meals London has to offer, with all the benefits you need to get you up and about and starting off this year in the right direction!

1. Absolutely "Radishing" - Squirrel

First on our list of delicious and detoxing vegan goodness is the Absolutely "Radishing" Salad from Squirrel. Packed with fibre and dense in nutritional value to help you recover and cleanse after the holiday season, this salad features a mountain of delicious greens, quinoa, fresh wild rocket, a cauliflower-carrot blend in addition to shredded red cabbage and, of course, loads of radishes. Mint and za'atar are also added for a refreshing touch and the ultimate immunity boost. To finish off this masterpiece, hummus and a delicious tahini dressing delicately coat this fantastic vegan friendly salad, making it absolutely "Radishing" indeed.

2. Tofu Sausage and Mash - Mildred's

There always comes a point when nothing quite hits the spot like a good ol' Sausage and Mash. Thanks to Mildred's, the glorious tastes of this classic comfort food can be enjoyed by all any day of the week with their scrumptious tofu sausage and mashed potato dish here to save the day! Thick, deliciously smoked tofu sausages bursting with flavour are served along with white beans, sweet apples, creamy mashed potatoes, fried hispi cabbage, dill pickles and onions combined to produce the beloved Sausage and Mash that everyone can enjoy! Yet another delightful way to detox and stay healthy this year so be sure to check out Mildred's for some meaty goodness without any of the meat!

3. Hot Falafel Mezze - Comptoir Libanaise

The glamorous tastes and smells of authentic Lebanese cuisine are brought straight from the streets of Beirut to the heart of London. Hot and delectable mezzes, countless classic dishes and more are ready on demand. No list of healthy foods can go without mentioning the ultimate classic falafel beautifully prepared at Comptoir Libanaise, who serve up a fantastically crispy and hot falafel filled to the brim with protein, nutrients and endless health benefits with every bite. This all-time favourite begins with a combination of chickpeas and broad beans mashed, battered and fried into perfectly scrumptious falafel bites and garnished with coriander, parsley, garlic and hot peppers. Served with their very own tahini sauce, the falafel mezze has definitely earned its spot on our guide to some of London's best vegan-friendly dishes.

4. Bounce Back Burger - Yeotown Kitchen

Don't forget everyone's beloved after-party dish: the burger! Yeotown Kitchen presents the answer to our vegan-fuelled burger questions with its Bounce Back Burger. Appropriately named, the Bounce Back Burger is a thick, nourishing vegetable patty garnished with Beluga lentils, caramelised onions, beets, carrots, walnuts and quinoa on a bed of sun-dried tomato and seeded buns. This work of art is served with aioli ketchup and thick, crunchy cuts of roasted sweet potato fries on the side, conjuring a beastly vegan-friendly burger dripping with delicious flavour and nutrients! An absolute must-try, the Bounce Back Burger is truly worthy of its name and is a perfect dish to rejuvenate your soul after any holiday binge!

5. Raw Organic Beetroot and Lime Kale Chips - Daylesford Organic Café

Over at Daylesford Organic Café, the Raw Organic Beetroot and Lime Kale Chips are a heavenly vegan treat! Deliciously fresh beets are thinly sliced and slow-dried to retain the mesmerising and indulgent flavour in each chip. With lime-infused kale, these lightly dressed chips go into superfood mode, making every crunchy bite as addictive as the next! These crisps are a fantastically healthy and very light dish to go perfectly with any other meal as a side, or order a few and keep them around the house as a pre-game treat!

To keep you going strong and put you on the right track this Veganuary, check out some of these fantastic dishes that Deliveroo is glad to deliver!

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