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  2. Think Rice Is Dull? Think Again! Here Are 5 Brummie Restaurants Proving Rice is Nice
Here Are 5 Brummie Restaurants Proving Rice is Nice

Think Rice Is Dull? Think Again! Here Are 5 Brummie Restaurants Proving Rice is Nice

Rice gets a bit of a bad rep, really, when it's really not fair. Sure, if you just stick a load of badly cooked white rice in front of someone, it's not going to be exciting or appetising, but done right, you can really have a seriously salivating little something on your plate.

There's a real history to cooking with rice; for example, failsafe Birmingham favourite Indian Biriyani has been jazzed up countless times over the years because of it. But what about other cuisines? Here's where to sample some of the best rice dishes from around the world, right here in Birmingham.

1. Home Town China: Yangzhou Fried Rice

If you're looking for a Chinese restaurant in Birmingham, there are plenty to choose from. However, sometimes, it can all "boil" down (sorry…) to the rice, and the type that's being served. Basically, it translates to "special fried rice" here in the UK, which is what you might be used to calling it. It's typically got shrimp, pork, egg yolk and plenty of flavour, to give it a signature taste. Home Town China has the best one around – you don't need their secret recipe when you can just order it whenever you want!

2. Zhang's Sichuan Restaurant: Mince Pork Fried Rice

Mince pork fried rice is a classic, and Zhang's Sichuan know how to get it right, every time. Located in the Chinese Quarter, they use only the most authentic Chinese ingredients to ensure it tastes as good as it gets. It goes really nice paired with a main meal, or even on its own, so the choice really is yours.

3. MinMin Noodle Bar: Fried Rice

Yet more fried rice, here, but you really can't get too much of a good thing and there are so many unique pairings for this to go with to complement it absolutely perfectly. The Chef's Special dishes at MinMin are particularly delicious, and depending on what you're into, fried rice could really go down well. We recommend Garlic Beef with Choi Sum, which fuses beef with garlic, wine and vegetables. Of course, the fried rice really makes it.

4. Han Dynasty: Seafood Fried Rice

Seafood fried rice is a delicacy that's difficult to perfect, but if you do, it tastes amazing. Han Dynasty seem to have a knack for it, and on their menu, it's an incredibly popular dish. Peeled prawns, squid, scrambled eggs and rice are merged together and accompanied by peas, and if you've not tried anything like this before, now really is the time.

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5. Shangri La: Japanese Unagi Fried Rice

Shangri La know exactly how to appeal to those with a bit of a penchant for Japanese cuisine, and if that sounds like you, you'll want to read on. Their Unagi fried rice mixes marinated eel fillet, bamboo shoots and sliced bell peppers, and then finishes it all off with a scattering of white sesame seeds. It might seem quirky, but it's well worth giving it a shot – it's made in truly authentic Japanese style.

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There's something oh-so comforting about a tasty rice dish, so if we've got your brain box racing with rice, you can always order a delicious door-to-door meal with Deliveroo.

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