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5 London Breakfast Deliveries To Try Now

5 London breakfast deliveries to try now

Our favourite meal has got to to be breakfast. From runny poached egg and creamy avocado on toast, to light and fluffy pancakes topped with berries, we just can't get en-oeuf of the simple but oh-so-good London breakfast options.

Whether you're feeling like something naughty or you want to keep it wholesome, there's a London breakfast here to suit every morning mood – and we'll bring breakfast right to your door.

Plus, if you love a lazy Sunday brunch, here's our pick of the best brunches for every mood.

1. The morning muffin: LEON


Start your day the right way with one of Leon's breakfast muffins. Go light with smoked salmon, egg, spinach and dill yoghurt, or soak up the effects of a heavy night with sausage, egg and homemade ketchup. If it's a veggie breakfast you're after, then the portobello mushroom, egg and spinach muffin is your go-to.  

2. The bacon sandwich: Melt Room


Breakfast never melt so good. Getting that classic brek item, toast, and pimping it better than Justin Bieber's hair, Melt Room makes celestial toasties. Go loony with a Full Works Melt with scrambled eggs, sausage patty, cheddar and smoked bacon, or just so LA with the Super Veggie Melt with baked vine tomatoes, egg white, rocket and low fat goat's curd.

3.The healthy breakfast: Pod


Pod offers yum breakfast options from 'superfood to 'sausage'. Opt for their freshly-made Energiser Scrambled Eggs with mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and avocado or get friendly with their sausage or bacon sarnies.  

4. The Full English breakfast: Kua 'Aina


Best known for their rather exotic (and rather nice) burgers, Kua 'Aina also does some rather splendid breakfasts. Pancake your way to happiness with one of their Banana and Blueberry Pancakes or go for their Aloha Full Breakfast, no messin' about.

5. The perfect pancakes: My Old Dutch


Morning's creped up on you, and you got those pancake feelings. Our advice? Get yourself some My Old Dutch discs-of-joy in your life, pronto!

Eggs-cited by this lot? Find breakfast delivery options near you.

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