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5 Of The Best Leeds' Street Food Ideas For A Special Lunch

Liven Up Lunch With Leeds’ Finest Street Food Flavours

Street food used to be something we Brits could only get on holiday; it wasn't a "thing" here – unless you count fish and chips! Now pretty much every town or city has a range of different street food restaurants, meaning we can eat our way around the world at lunchtime if we choose to. Leeds is no exception, with some excellent street food options, from Thai and Brazilian to Italian and Lebanese. Too busy to pop out and get it? No problem, whatever your deepest craving Deliveroo can bring the dish to you. Here's a helping hand in picking a cuisine so you can place your order.

1. Tom Yum Soup

A bowl or cup of spicy Thai soup is the perfect choice for street food lunch on a chilly day in Leeds. Anyone who's spent time in Thailand will know that street food is an institution there, so choosing a Thai street food dish is pretty much a great lunch guarantee! At Zaap, there's a choice of three different Tom Yums – prawn, chicken or seafood – and they all have the same warming and satisfying combo of hot and spicy flavours with a mellow creamy background. Yum indeed!

2. Brazilian street food to share

If you're having lunch with a friend, why not get a few of the street food dishes at Cabana Rio to share? Spicy Chicken Wings are a hands-down winner, and you can't go wrong with some dishes from the sea - like Salt Cod Fritters and Crispy Squid, fried in a salt and pepper batter, accompanied with chilli mayo. Sharing really is caring when street food is involved.

3. Pasta Nachos

Italians are known for really taking time over their food – especially at dinner. But they do fast food too, with bread-based dishes such as pizza and focaccia. At Bocca, the chefs have created their own special dish - pasta nachos. These are pasta sheets piled high with toppings, such as spicy sausage, grilled chicken and mozzarella, and finally baked in the oven. The bite-sized nachos come with a pesto-mascarpone dip, which makes for a perfect Italian lunch on the go.

4. Lamb Kofta wrap

Lebanese street food comes in all kinds of varieties, from falafel to shawarma and plates of mezze snacks. At Bakchich, our top pick for a great lunch is the Lamb Kofta Bakchich wrap, which has delicious spicy grilled lamb served in a convenient wrap with salad, humous and pickles. Packed full of flavour, this is a great lunch to eat while taking a stroll around the city, or – if you're really in a rush – at your desk tapping at your keyboard with one hand!

5. Bento box

Sushi is one of the most portable Japanese foods around, however, that's not the only street food Japanese cooking has on offer. Try one of the Japanese Hot Bento boxes from Senbon Sakura - the Pork Ginger Sauce, for example. Served up hot with steamed rice, it's a delicately flavoured dish that's cooked to perfection.

Discover your favourite street food by ordering something different every day with Deliveroo!

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