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  2. Steel yourself. Here are some of Sheffield’s most awesome lunches
Sheffield’s Most Awesome Lunch Options  

Steel yourself. Here are some of Sheffield’s most awesome lunches

When it's been a hard morning's grind and you fancy something a bit more exciting than a soup or a sandwich, then the good news is that there are great choices all over Sheffield. Plus, there is a wide range of cuisines to enjoy too, from Tex Mex to Japanese and everything in between. So take a look at just a few of the options on offer and bring on a lunchtime with a difference.

1. Hoisin Duck Pizza from Bloo88

Here's a great change from your usual Italian-style pizza courtesy of Bloo88 in the city centre. They're taking fusion cooking to the limits with their Hoisin Duck Pizza which comes topped with shredded duck in hoisin sauce along with cucumber, rocket, sour cream and chives, What's more, every pizza is handmade to order and stone baked to perfection. And if the Hoisin Duck isn't wild enough for you, then spice it up with the Chilli Chicken instead.

2.Chick N Waffles from Lucky Fox

Here's a fantastic choice if you just can't wait till lunchtime and fancy more of a brunch-style meal instead. At The Lucky Fox, you'll be able to enjoy a delicious version of their famous fried chicken American-style with their Chick N Waffles. The boneless cuts are served with waffles, classic maple syrup and your choice of either cinnamon or plain butter. If you're a real spice fan you can even ask to have cinnamon waffles too.

3. Mexi Burger from OHM

It'll be OMG at OHM when you sink your teeth into one of their Mexi Burgers. This fantastic combination from both sides of the border is a grilled 100% beef burger topped with cheddar, chorizo sauce and some cooling avocado guacamole. Plus, to go on the side, treat yourself to some deep-fried and crispy onion rings or some of their special sweet potato fries, not forgetting the classic Frank's Hot Sauce to spice things up a little too.

4. Katsu Curry Burger from The Common Room

You can enjoy another great variation on the classic burger at  The Common Room on Devonshire Street with their version that comes topped with a rich and flavoursome katsu curry sauce and chopped spring onions as garnish. As the perfect accompaniment, they also do a mean selection of dirty fries including Philly cheese steak and a version called Mamma Mia with sweet pepper and 'nduja sauce.

5. Chicken Yakisoba from Mr Miyagi Sushi

Even if you think sushi's only good for a snack, then Mr Miyagi Sushi still has plenty to offer you. Take their chicken yakisoba, for example. It includes teriyaki chicken with wok-fried noodles in a rich soy sauce to deliver just the sort of hunger-busting meal you need on a cold autumn day.

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