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5 Delicious Duck Dishes in the UK

Try One Of These Five Delectable Duck Dishes In The UK Today

Duck is a bit of an underdog (or should that be underduck?) Let's face it, it is rarely seen on menus - but all that is about to change. Duck is a major player in the culinary game, you just might not have realised it yet.

This is all nothing new in certain cultures, of course. For example, in Chinese takeaways, it's been a key ingredient for years! One of the best things about it is how versatile it can truly be. It goes well in soups, spring rolls and even rice dishes.

So now, it's not just about putting duck in anything and hoping it tastes alright. It's about pushing those boundaries and creating something really, really good. Or just choosing the best duck dishes available to order on Deliveroo, sitting back and enjoying its succulent flavour.

1. Half Cantonese Roasted Duck

This is a real show-stopping piece from Shikumen. With Cantonese Roasted Duck, it's all about the herbs and spices, including those traditional flavours of chinese five spice and hoisin sauce, as well as the time it's taken to make it. We can just tell that every effort has been made to ensure that the authenticity has been kept, and that's what makes it so great. Oh, and it's juicy and tender, too!

2. Traditional Thai Duck Curry

You can't beat a good curry, but a lot of people tend to stick to what they know. If you're already a Thai red curry fan, why don't you order a Traditional Thai Duck curry from Korat Thai Cafe next time you have that craving instead? It's got the same coconut base that you know and love, as well as all the veggies. The only difference is tomatoes, lychees, pineapple slices and of course - duck.

3. Duck Spring Rolls

Is there anything better than biting into a hot spring roll? Zing Zing gets it, cooking it's Duck Spring Rolls to absolute perfection for you to enjoy. Crispy, light pastry is wrapped around juicy duck and a variety of veggies. Enjoy it with a hoisin dipping sauce - the perfect addition to the dish.

4. Crispy Aromatic Duck

This one's a true classic and potentially one you might have had before. However, Hei Kitchen mean it when they say that their Crispy Aromatic Duck is both crispy and super aromatic, being flavoured with ginger and sichuan peppercorns amongst other spices. It's shredded down so that the meat is tender, but as it's implied, it's crispy enough to pack a punch.

5. Duck & Rice

Now this place REALLY loves duck, so much so that it makes up their name. Duck and Rice's namesake, Duck & Rice, is simple, but never basic. It's incredibly popular, with diners constantly wanting to know what all the fuss is actually about. It constantly sells out... so better get ordering quick!

Don't duck away from ordering duck! In fact, you can actually order some right now, here on Deliveroo.

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