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  2. The UK’s five best cocktails for a stormy night in
The UK’s five best cocktails for a stormy night in

The UK’s five best cocktails for a stormy night in

Weather can be a huge indicator of how your Friday night is going to go. Lucky for you, we're right by your side to bring you all of your favourite goodies! Be it fun, flavourful cocktails to kick-start the weekend or the ultimate Sunday dessert treat for your weekly high tea session, don't worry, we'll be there.

Nothing quite beats the feeling of having a deliciously creative cocktail waiting on your doorstep on a cold Friday night, so bring the party to you! From sweet martinis to sour, tangy mojitos, let us guide you through the UK's extravagant world of ready-made cocktails just a click away.

1. Salted Caramel White Russian, The Font Cocktails

You haven't had a true pre-game buzz until you've tried the delicate blend of both caffeine and alcohol wrapped up in a glorious cocktail. The Font Cocktail's Salted Caramel White Russian is one coffee liqueur delight you do not want to miss. This sweet cocktail is made of Stolichnaya vodka, Kahlua coffee liqueur and fresh milk. It's then decorated with crunchy caramel bites that melt in your mouth with every sip - talk about a sugar rush!

2. Strawberry Daiquiri, La Figa

Looking for a refreshing, light cocktail that'll give you a sweet start to your well-deserved Friday night? Look no further than La Figa's Strawberry Daiquiri. If its vibrant, tropical colour doesn't draw you in, its sweet, tart flavour surely will. Fresh strawberries are pureed then smothered in lime juice, deliciously sweet syrup de gomme and, of course, lots of white rum! Order in some of these yummy fruity cocktails and create your very own girls night in - with zero hassle!

3. Mojito Pitcher, Martone

Of all our favourite alcoholic beverages, there are some cocktails that just never go out of style. Take the classic mojito: sugary lime juice, Bacardi rum and soda water give you a minty, sweet and sour flavour as they all come bubbling together for the perfect sip. Every sweet tooth in search of summer vibes with a citrusy twist should try Martone's Mojito Pitchers and remember why this cocktail is a global favourite.

4. Rhubarb & Ginger Margarita, Tredwell's Cocktails & Wine

Sometimes it's an extra-sour drink we need to give a good shock to the senses. Everyone has their go-to alcoholic beverage to get Friday night started, but it's also good to mix things up and enjoy something new and exciting for a change. Well, we've got just the sour drink for you. Tredwell's Cocktails & Wine has a Rhubarb & Ginger Margarita that contains just the amount of zest you're after. With this delicious drink, freshly squeezed grapefruit, lime and rhubarb are given a generous splash of tequila and a sprinkle of ginger. It's a definite party-starter!

5. Bloody Mary, 69 Colebrooke Row

We all have that one friend who loves a drink that can double as a meal (drinks for lunch, anyone?). 69 Colebrooke Row's spicy Bloody Mary might just win you over to the savoury, salty side of alcohol. This ultimate drink is smooth, clean and bursting with all the right flavours. Fresh tomato juice is carefully blended with spicy horseradish vodka, hot pepper sauce and splashed with a hint of miso for an umami touch.

From sweet and bubbly to sour and tangy, Deliveroo has got all the tools you need to get your weekend going!

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