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Five bucket-list Chinese dishes you have to start ordering

The diverse world of Chinese cuisine leaves you with endless choices to make every time you want to order in – even from the top Chinese restaurants in town. This is probably why most people just stick to their usual favourites, but every once in a while our souls demand that we indulge in some new Chinese food adventures.

Here are five bucket-list dishes in Sheffield that you have to try at least once!

1. Salt & Chilli Chicken Wings, Noodle Inn Centro

Try the spicy side of Chinese cuisine by ordering the flamingly spiced Salt & Chili Chicken Wings. Stir-fried with a saucy blend of diced onions, green peppers, and sprinkled with a rich mélange of garlic, pepper and chilli, this powerfully flavoured dish will give your evening that extra pizazz.

Get some of the juiciest chilli wings from Sheffield's Noodle Inn Centro. The exquisite aromas and flavours of their Cantonese and Szechuan dishes are just to-die-for!

2. Griddle-Cooked Fried Pork with Cabbage, Han Restaurant

For all the devoted pork-lovers out there, having some Chinese-style, griddle-cooked fried pork is a pretty good way of celebrating your love for the succulent meat. This stir-fry meal is usually served with a generous amount of spiced rice, and will keep you full for the rest of the day!

Please your tummy with this scrumptious blend from Han Restaurant. You will not be disappointed!

3. Gong-Bao Chicken with Cucumber & Peanuts, Jin Ding

Gong-Bao chicken is a well-known staple of westernized Chinese cuisine – but you haven't tried true Gong-Bao chicken till you've tasted it with all its original and authentic cultural spices. In this stir-fry dish, the chicken is lavished in a rich marinade, and tossed with fresh veggies, peanuts, and most importantly, chilli peppers.

Gong-Bao can be found in various Asian restaurants in town, but Jin Ding's variation might beat them all! After you taste their deliciously distinctive Chinese ingredients, you'll certainly be bookmarking Jin Ding's menu!

4. Pan Fried Dumplings, China Red

If you haven't tried pan-fried dumplings yet, grab your chopsticks now because these little babies are a requirement when dabbling in Chinese cuisine.

China Red is the perfect spot to get you the juiciest dumplings in town. If you're looking for a fancy, high-end experience of the finest Chinese dishes right at home, this restaurant will give you that, and more!

5. Chicken in Sweet & Sour Sauce, Noodle Inn

Ah, good old sweet and sour sauce. A household favourite, sweet & sour sauce is an absolute staple of Chinese food in the UK. The chicken is battered and deep-fried to a perfect crisp, then lathered in a deliciously powerful, sometimes vinegar-infused sauce.

For the best-prepared sweet & sour chicken dish, you have to order from Noodle Inn. Take your taste buds on an Asian tour of culinary delights by trying their various aromatic clay pot dishes, too!

Ordering your usual Chinese dish every time? Wanting to explore a new flavour palette, but unsure of what to choose? Check out the menus available on Deliveroo!

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