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The Best Steak Restaurants in London

Steak restaurants: 5 of the best in London

Pop quiz: how do you like your beef? You can tell a lot about a person by how they order their steak. Whether you take it the rarest of the rare or done to a crisp, London's best steakhouses are ready to get personal. The city does not disappoint when it comes to options, so there's no reason to ever suffer through a poorly-looking porterhouse again.

1. Sophie's Steakhouse

Get your meat fix at Sophie's Steakhouse. The beef is British, butchered and dry-aged in-house for unbeatable freshness. Steaks come slathered in béarnaise and accompanied with skin-on mash, fries or salad. The flavour level is off the charts, with grill lines indicating a hit of smokiness. Sophie's T-bone really hits the spot, but their burgers are pretty impressive as well. This isn't your average mince. Patties are made out of cross rib beef, minced in a carpaccio style and served up on a brioche bun.

2. Hush Brasserie

There's more than steak on the menu at Holborn's Hush Brasserie, but the ribeye here gets a gold star. Seasoned and grilled to perfection, it comes with plenty of skinny frites which you'll find quite handy for mopping up all the juices. Hush's hamburger is no slouch, rivalling the city's best with its blend of rump and chuck steak. Caramelised onions and a tangy club sauce raise the bar to peak yum. If you can be bothered to look beyond the beef, there are plenty of other delights on offer from a tiger prawn risotto to blackened chicken. Snuggle up and get cosy with this top-notch comfort food.

3. Gaucho

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The Argentines are take-no-prisoners serious about their steak. One bite of the beef at Gaucho and you'll see why. Fillet, rib-eye, sirloin and rump cuts are aged and marinated to perfection. They've got it down to a science here – the steaks are salted on just one side and only turned once to keep their natural juices intact. For a heaven-sent taste of the pampas, order the churrasco de lomo. This fillet steak is spiral-cut and marinated in the signature blend of olive oil, parsley and garlic for a whopping 48 hours before it's put on the grill. Get a load of the wine list as well – it's got everything from fruity Malbec to floral Torrontes.  

4. Beef & Brew

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It may have only opened recently, but foodies have been flocking to Beef & Brew. The thing about restaurants that specialise in just one thing is that they need to do it really well to succeed. Fortunately, Beef & Brew doesn't disappoint. The beef includes hanger, chateau, rib-eye and Galician Sirloin. It legit melts in your mouth. There are plenty of sides to round it out, the best of which are the crunchy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside chips. For those of us who can never get enough chips, order the poutine to dress them up with beer cheese and gravy.

5. Omnino Steakhouse

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Another South American-styled steakhouse, Omnino's the place to go for a real-life asado experience. Get the party started with some empanadas, before diving into the main event. You can choose from U.S. prime, Wagyu or Argentinian beef, all cooked to order of course. Feeling a little saucy? There's chimichurri, pepper and stilton on offer, not that these babies need any extra help in the flavour department.

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