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Want To Catch The Best Sea Bass Dishes In The UK? Here’s Where to Go

Craving Some Sumptuous Seafood? Try These Sea Bass Dishes From Around The UK

Consider the sea bass. For a fish with such an ordinary name it certainly gets to travel the world. From Italian to Japanese, the ways of preparing this salivating deep-sea sustenance abound and no wonder – I mean, it is fantastic. Why else would it feature in so many countries' cuisines? Well, its meaty flesh does also stands up well to grilling, frying and even steaming meaning it's vastly varied, as well as tantalisingly tasty. And if you're a big fan of this particular kind of seafood, London has all the choice you could ever want. But come to think of it, so does Liverpool. And Leicester. And Newcastle. We just couldn't decide, so we've brought you a fine line up that means – wherever you are – you can hook yourself a fantastic sea bass dish today.

1. Spigola - Square Olive

They say that the very best Italian cuisine relies on a few quality ingredients simply prepared and this is certainly the principle behind this fantastic dish from Square Olive. A fresh sea bass fillet is grilled and served with a zingy lemon and fresh dill sauce – a classic accompaniment to all kinds of fish. As a restaurant that champions rustic Italian cuisine this is a fantastic example of their style, in which the flavoursome sea bass really has its chance to shine.

2. Sea Bass Sashimi - Vincent Café

The firm flesh of sea bass also makes it the perfect fish for sashimi so it's surprising that more menus don't feature it. But at Vincent Café they've certainly seen the light and it's one of the most popular items on their à la carte sashimi menu. It comes with wasabi, soy and pickled ginger and there are three good slices per serving. If you'd like to add even more fishy treats then their Seafood Sashimi Platter also features tuna, salmon, eel, prawn and fish roe.

3. Steamed Sea Bass - Master

Sea bass is also a big favourite in Thai cuisine and Chinese, too. The usual cooking method is to steam the fish whole and that's exactly how it's prepared in the expert hands of The Master. It'll make for an impressive sight as it's presented at your door, garnished with fiery ginger and finely sliced spring onion, dressed in a light soy sauce. In fact, it looks almost too good to eat. But we're sure that you'll manage!

4. Mix Fish Platter - Mono Vita

As one of the most common fish in the Mediterranean, it's no big surprise that the sea bass also crops up so often on the menus of Greek restaurants. Sometimes grilled, it is often served alongside other seafood and this is certainly the case with the Mix Fish Platter from Mono Vita. Here it's partnered with king prawns, salmon, mussels and calamari to create a deliciously moreish plateful featuring our catch of the day.

5. Sayadieh Samak - Marhaba Express

Our final port of call on this sea bass odyssey is the Marhaba Express which specialises in Lebanese delicacies. Try their Sayadieh Samak and you're in for a rare treat. It's a whole roasted sea bass that comes with rice on the side and caramelised onion on top. The whole dish is covered with their rich onion tajine sauce. Believe us, it's sensational!

Get ready to scale the heights of sea bass cuisine and let Deliveroo bring home the catch.

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