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The Best Halal Restaurants in London

5 of the best halal restaurants in London

There are loads of awesome halal restaurants in London, you just have to know where to look. Start your halal adventure with our handy list, and if you're near enough, we'll deliver right to your door.


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Fine Punjabi dining in the heart of London's East End, Tayyab's serves up one of the most authentic South East Asian menus around. We've all got our favourites (this is a London institution, after all), but the star of the show? It might be the achingly addictive dry meat. This dense, pungent and aromatic flavour sensation is the restaurant's signature dish and a thing of real beauty, providing that tantalising dash of spice we know you're craving.

Babaji Pide

Brought to you by the culinary genius behind Wagamama, Hakkasan and Busaba Eathai, Babaji Pide is a Turkish-style pizza place that's all the rage in Soho. Offering flatbreads finished with your choice of toppings, the food at Babaji Pide is authentically Turkish and a serious alternative to the traditional Italian-style pizza we all know and love. From beef and lamb to potato and spinach, you can customize your pide so that it's exactly how you want it, and with an extensive meze collection to round off your meal, Babaji Pide is one of the best halal eats in the capital.


Traditional Lebanese cuisine takes centre stage at Levant. The lamb and prune tagine is slow-cooked to perfection – tender, dark and eminently eatable, it's one of the real stars of the show. There's also mashawy, grilled meat served with organic vermicelli rice, tomato, pickles and harissa. It's every bit as good as it sounds, trust us. The Kafta D'jej, spiced and minced chicken with onions and herbs, is a winning combination, and there's also a delicious range of desserts to remind us just how sweet and indulgent Lebanese cooking can be. Baklawa and Turkish Delight to see the night off in style? Don't mind if we do!

Band of Burgers

Rock out with Band of Burgers' delicious range of (yes, you guessed it) gourmet burgers. There's nothing blue about the B. B. King, a 180-gram burger with cheddar cheese and tangy BBQ sauce, and there'll be a little less conversation around the table while you tuck into the Elvis, a whopping 360-gram double cheeseburger topped off with gherkins and red onion. Time to face the music, this head banging halal hotspot's putting a new spin on London's burger scene.


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of Indian and Mexican cuisine in holy matrimony. Tasty tacos jam-packed with aromatic Indian flavours, burritos bouncing with Madrasi spices – Wrapchic is fusion cuisine at its most inventive. It's fresh, healthy and happily halal. The chicken Mughlai burrito is inspired, while the fish Malabari wrap, tangy and sweet, gets our seal of approval. Now, who wants to try some? We do.

Burritos, check. Pizza, check. Burgers, check. Check out Deliveroo's halal selection today.

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