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Heavenly Halal Burgers to Order in Leicester

Hello halal! Here are five of the tastiest burgers in Leicester

If you're on the lookout for some fantastic cuisine in Leicester that also happens to be halal, you're in luck.

And if you've already had your fill of the city's best pizza deals you'll also be pleased to hear that there are some truly tremendous burgers out there too that will slay the biggest of appetites. Plus, the real burger aficionado knows that the best burgers aren't always beef - chicken can be just as satisfying too. So whether you like it plain and simple, or with all the trimmings you could ever want, here are five stupendous burgers to get your mouth watering.

1. Chick-a-boo from Boo

Play peek-a-boo with Chick-a-boo because it's so tasty that it's certain to disappear fast. The burger-meisters at Boo take a crispy chicken breast and nestle it inside a soft brioche bun. Then they add round leaf lettuce for some extra crunch and top it all off with their spicy home-style mayo. The result is a chicken burger that it's always going to be worth crossing the road for.

2. The Signature Cheese Burger from Steakout

At Steakout, they know that sometimes all you want is a classic burger, grilled to perfection and served with the minimum of trimmings and fuss. So that's exactly what they do by taking a classic gourmet beef burger, covering it with mild Monterey Jack cheese and serving it up in a bun with lettuce, tomato and the burger sauce that's made to their own special secret recipe.

3. "The Don" Beefburger  from Tinseltown

Whether it's Don Draper from Mad Men who'd certainly go for the New York style of this burger or Don Corleone of The Godfather who'd like its sheer excess, Tinseltown have come up with a real star. In a sesame-seed bun, this 5oz burger comes topped with beef-bacon, Swiss cheese, guacamole and spicy hand-made salsa in a spectacular combination big enough to bust any appetite.

4. Dallas Beef or Chicken from Marco & Carl

They say everything's bigger in Texas and that's certainly true when you're talking about the fabulous Dallas beef or chicken from Marco & Carl. For example, you have the choice of halal beef or chicken but that's just the start of things. Then there's mozzarella cheese, roquito sweet chilli peppers, chargrilled peppers, salad, gherkins, garlic mayo and special relish.

5. The Tower + Side from Fernandez Grillhouse

You'll truly be spoilt for choice with The Tower + side from Fernandez Grillhouse. First you have to decide whether to have the beef, chicken or veggie option. Then it's time to tackle the burger itself, no mean feat with its mac n' cheese bites, onion rings, hash browns, cheese slices, crisp, fresh lettuce and special burger sauce. Then, if you've still got room after all that, it could be time to take on one of their famous Belgian waffles too.

If this has got you in the mood for a halal burger tonight, just leave it to Deliveroo.

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