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5 Of The Best Fried Chicken Joints In London

5 of London’s best fried chicken joints

Whether you've always loved it or you are just waking up to the fried chicken revolution, somewhere there's a chicken place that's just right for you (hint: it's probably in East London).

To celebrate National Fried Chicken Day (yep, it's a thing!), here are just five of our fave joints for when we need a fried chicken fix.

1. Bird Restaurant - Shoreditch & Camden

Bird's mantra is "It's not Southern Fried Chicken, it's not Korean Fried Chicken. It's Bird Free Range and Fried." These guys only serve 100% free-range chicken, delivered daily from a collective of small British farms - purists, hipsters and the environmentally-conscious, take note!

All joking aside, you really can taste the difference. If you try anything new this week, let it be Bird's famous chicken and waffle burger.

2. On the Bab - Shoreditch, Marylebone & St. Paul's

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On the Bab's crispy fried chicken is so good that they could stop serving everything else on the menu, and we'd still be cool with it. Even then, there are so many decisions to make: bun or no bun? Sticky spicy sweet or soy ginger glaze? (Spoiler alert - none of it matters, it's all delicious).

Topped off with crushed peanuts for a bit of crunch, this is a must-try on any fried chicken field trip.

3. Otherside Fried - Pop Brixton, Kerb Camden

One of the rising stars on the street food circuit right now, Otherside Fried specialise in buttermilk fried chicken burgers. Their signature Buffalo Burger comes jam-packed with the crispiest of fried chicken, and smothered with a heaven-sent combination of hot sauce, ranch sauce and pickles. It's enough even to tempt the biggest of burger purists astray.  

4. Clutch Chicken - Bethnal Green

If you're craving something fried, but you're on a health kick, then listen up: Clutch is "The home of guilt-free fried chicken". Let that sink in. This is all possible because of Clutch Chicken's supply of high grade, free-range poultry and their signature thrice frying method - using only groundnut oil - that combine to provide you with the healthy version of the tasty battered goodness that all SFC addicts crave.

5. Absurd Bird - Spitalfields

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If you like a good helping of zaniness with your chicken then get down to Absurd Bird, which serves up wackiness and mind-blowing chicken in equal measure. Born of a fondness for the flavours and traditions of the Deep South and a love of the British street food movement, all of their chicken is 100% naturally raised and they only use slow-growing breeds - all in the name of bringing you the very best fried chicken in the shiniest baskets possible.

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