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Best Caribbean Restaurants in London

London’s best Caribbean food: 5 top contenders

When you want a big hit of flavour and nothing else seems to hit the spot, it's time for some Caribbean food. London's known for it, but it can be tough to know where to go. We've made a handy guide to some of the tastiest Caribbean restaurants that you can find on Deliveroo.

The Rum Kitchen

An elegant take on Caribbean cuisine, The Rum Kitchen represents the future of cooking from the islands. Make no mistake, this is still unmistakably Caribbean cuisine, boasting all the features and flavours that make it so unique, but it's enhanced. Everything is served with lashings of hot jerk sauce, providing a massive hit of flavour right from the get-go, and the spices and seasoning bring everything up to the next level. Word of warning, the spiced plantain is absolutely out of this world. Get a slice of the West Indies delivered right to your door with Deliveroo.

Cottons Rhumshack

Cottons Rhumshack has been going for over 30 years, and brings a little bit of that amazing culinary heritage to everything they serve. Mouth-watering dishes like curried goat, Creole seafood curry and barbecue skewers set your taste buds on fire (in a very, very good way) while their innovative cooking methods keep the crowds coming back. There are also a couple of vegetarian options – fried plantain and jerk pineapple salad with radish, tomatoes and chia seeds. Don't mind if we do.

Mama's Jerk

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The story of Mama's Jerk starts with Mama Charlotte, the proprietor's grandma. She stumbled upon the recipe for a jerk BBQ marinade that's so gobsmackingly good, it's still used at Mama's Jerk to this day. The menu's short and sweet, exactly how we like it. There's just six different dishes to choose from, including the awesome chicken roti wrap, chicken wings and fried plantain. When it comes to Caribbean perfection, we trust Mama Charlotte to deliver the goods, but if she can't do it personally, there's always Deliveroo.


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Hearty Jamaican food at its homely best, Bamboula is exactly what you'd want from a Caribbean meal. Big, bold and spicy, there's absolutely nothing refined about Bamboula. After all, who needs refinement when the food tastes this good? Seriously. Succulent jerk chicken, oxtail and jerk lamb, all cooked to perfection in the heart of Brixton. There's even a couple of salad options for anyone watching their weight. If only we had that sort of restraint!

Ma Petite Jamaica

The first ever Caribbean diner in London, a meal from Ma Petite Jamaica guarantees two things: big flavours and big portions. We actually can't emphasize enough just how big the portions are. Meet the heat with fiery chicken straight from the jerk pit, or why not try a Caribbean fajita, a stunning fusion dish we're still trying to come to terms with. Ma Petite Jamaica has built up a loyal following amongst London's foodies, and with food like this, it isn't difficult to understand why.

Whether you're looking for Creole seafood curry or spicy jerk chicken, you can order the very best Caribbean cuisine in London with Deliveroo.

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