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4 Hearty Lunches To Keep You Going In Hereford

Old Is Gold! Legendary Classic Lunches Available In Hereford

Sometimes the best answer to the infamous question "What do we eat today?" is an old-school, classic dish that just never goes out of style. Fish and chips, burgers or simply a good ol' sandwich: read on for some timeless dishes that go down perfectly at lunchtime, wherever you may be. You'll never get bored with these legends, guaranteed to get you through the day.

1. Haddock & Chips - Edward's Plaice

First up on our list of eternally-loved dishes is the Haddock & Chips from Edward's Plaice. Fresh haddock cutlets are fried in a light batter for a beautiful golden crisp casing and served with fresh cut crunchy chips. This is guaranteed to flood your mouth with that much-needed fried sustenance we all crave. A classic British dish designed to deliver instant gratification, this seafood meal is served with a lemon wedge for an extra citrus kick. Have Deliveroo bring you the Haddock & Chips from Edward's Plaice for the perfect traditional lunch.

2. Farmer Tom's Beef Burger - The Burger Shop

Of course, no list of classic and infamous dishes is complete without a divine burger to go with it. Enter Farmer Tom's Beef Burger from The Burger Shop: a thick and juicy monster of a burger ensuring complete satisfaction with every bite. A slab of premium Hereford beef patty is tucked between brioche buns and dressed with a mature cheddar cheese, crunchy dill pickles, Baby Gem lettuce and a savoury mustard mayo. This burger is sure to deliver a mind-blowing array of flavours that makes for an extraordinary classic.

3. The Beefy Boy - The Beefy Boys

Their name says it all: the Beefy Boys are keeping it old-school and bringing you some of the meatiest burgers our Transatlantic neighbours have ever had to offer. Four amateur cooks came together to gift us with their over-the-top, mind-blowing burgers and BBQ dishes, like the self-titled Beefy Boy. Overflowing with meaty perfection, their classic and most popular beef burger is a juicy beef patty served to taste. Buried under American & Swiss cheeses, fresh lettuce and onions, gherkins, it has a good dollop of their special house sauce – and oh, we can't forget the bacon! It's easy to see why The Beefy Boys won the Grillstock Best Burger Award in 2014, making this spot an absolute must-try in Hereford.

4. Bacon, Brie and Cranberry Sandwich - No. 10

If you're looking for a classic lunch, what could be more British than a sandwich from a place called No. 10? Ok, so they're named after their own address in Church Street, Hereford, rather than Downing Street. But they do a mean bacon, brie and cranberry sandwich and its popularity is testament to the immense flavour of this classic combination: creamy French cheese, oozing over salty and crispy bacon is balanced with a delightfully sharp cranberry sauce, in a taste sensation that will sort you right out this lunchtime. So what are you waiting for?

Craving any of these classic dishes we all know and love? Dive right in with Deliveroo to get you through a hard day's work.

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