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  2. The most finger-licking, lip-smacking fried chicken in Newcastle
Finger-Licking, Lip-Smacking Fried Chicken in Newcastle

The most finger-licking, lip-smacking fried chicken in Newcastle

Whether you're hanging out with friends and have a craving for some greasy diner food, or mid-way through a binge session of your favourite TV series and feel a late-night rumble coming on, you're in luck because Newcastle has every type of fried chicken under the sun! From traditional Southern style cooking to outrageously indulgent trends, now you can recreate the ultimate American dining experience in the comfort of your home. Check out these favourites among the plethora of good ol' American foods near you.          

1. Crystal Chilli Wings, Coop Chicken House

Chicken wings have earned their rightful place on the top of the list when it comes to the art of fried chicken, and Coop Chicken House knows just how we like 'em! When it comes to chicken, it's all about the sauce, and this spot offers a whopping 23 unique flavours ranging from deliciously spiced to furiously piping hot for the perfect chicken fix for just about everyone. Paired with American-style fries, the only dilemma you'll be conflicted over is which sauce to smother over your crisp, juicy wings! If you're in it for the wings, but want to keep the rest of your meal on the somewhat healthier side, go ahead and order their perfectly cut sweet potato fries, a gem in fast food cuisine. If your tummy is begging for more, opt for their combos served with your choice of a full or half chicken and up to 4 delicious sides to really hit the spot!

2. The Dirty Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Red's True Barbecue

When we think of an all-American barbeque haven, we think of Red's True Barbecue! Bringing the American South straight to your plate, this restaurant has mastered the true barbeque experience right down to the char on their meats and their authentic regional sauces, the North and South Carolina and Kansas City BBQ. Among their most popular dishes is none other than The Dirty Buffalo Chicken sandwich - pulled smoked chicken, Southern fried chicken, a combination of tangy Buffalo and South Carolina sauce, cooling slaw, pig candy, and a handful of crispy lettuce shreds to finish, all sandwiched inside a deliciously toasted pretzel bun. What more could you need?

3. Southern Fried Chicken with Harissa Mayo, Jam Jar

Speaking of your true American diner food experience, Jam Jar is the epicentre of good old-fashioned home-style cooking. If you're on the prowl for a great snack, there's tons to choose from on the Jam Jar menu! For those who can't let a meal go by without eating at least a little bit of chicken, check out the unforgettable, straight-to-the-point Southern Fried Chicken. Served with Harissa Mayo for that extra kick, this side dish is guaranteed to sneak in just the right amount buttermilk fried goodness to satisfy your country cuisine cravings. Don't worry! You'll still have enough room in your stomach to explore Jam Jar's many other menu options. From delicious shakes to mouth-watering burgers, this spot knows how to prepare a feast!

4. Chicken 'n Waffles, Rub Smokehouse

Here's one for the books! Rub Smokehouse will never disappoint with their deliciously indulgent American-themed dishes, including their one of a kind Birthday Burger and a massive Bigfoot Burrito that takes five whole tortillas to create! But when it comes to chicken, their classic rendition of Chicken 'n Waffles is a must-try. Perfectly marinated buttermilk chicken placed on a bed of homemade waffles topped with maple syrup, zesty white BBQ sauce and if that's not enough to grab your attention, a Bits 'n Bobs side dish is served right along with it. It may seem like the strangest combo you've ever heard of, but this classic pairing will have you wondering why you didn't try it sooner!

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